Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Love-hate relationship

It might be a little sad to say that I have such strongs feelings for piece of jewelry- it may mean that I need to get out in the sunshine and world of people more -but all in all, I'd rather spend time with dolphins).

Nevertheless, this monster of a ring has been a true labor of love- from figuring the proportions to setting the little satellite stones- and in the end love won out over hate- which popped up halfway through and caused me to lock it away for a whole week before I managed to face it again today- a new dawn, a new day- a new ring!!!

So there it is- my little terror of the past 2 weeks!

Got some gorgeous new (well, actually quite old!) Roman coins today- need to fine there new place in the world- tomorrow might be the day...

Got a tumbler- for shining jewelry- dont do too much shining in my work though and am fighting with all my heart not to polish the silverwear that way...

Was carrying a steaming hot plate of turkey eggplant casserole (tastes better than it sounds) when my cat literally flung himself at me high speed from the counter crashing into me full body weight- plate went flying as did its contents- kitty went into hiding under the dining table for 5 hours!!! :(

And that wraps up my day!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love Winter!

I love winter! Granted winter in Israel is not Minnesota- but nevertheless- rain- wind and cozy nights. And with the knowledge that by mid March there will be constant sun until the next winter! Just enough time to wear fuzzy sweaters and boots- and when I am sick to death of them- its spring again!
Today I worked with a bright flowery stone- called Morgan Hill poppy jasper (got me where is Morgan Hill)- it is so sunny and summery that it couldnt have come on a better day. Did a 3-D type vase with flowers. Cute as can be

Isnt that just a bright spot in winter?

And now to the top five list for today: 5 things i would never name a cat:

1. plastic pudding container (too long to call in the street)

2. technical writer (cats doent write too well technically)

3. Spleen (just sounds dumb)

4. dehydrated raisin compound (see number 1)

5. Charles Manson - no need to explain here

Luckily my cats alreasy have names: Santa, Lolly (lollypop) and Tiger.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to fun

Usually I wake up early and by 7:30 am hammering away in the studio. Not that I dont love every minute of it- but yesterday I made something that was just so much fun that it kept me smiling all night- even through a semi boring movie!

That something is a 3-d (well, all jewelry is 3-d I suppose), but this is super 3-d. It is a cage encasing 2 rough tourmaline stones. It looks like some sort of talisman, and for that reason, I have decided it has superpowers. Nothing can go bad while wearing this- it is jangly and fun and just my favorite thing in a long time. Here it is:
Doesnt that just say superpower?

This one might not let me leap over tall buildings, but it still deserves a nice neck for a home.....

Today is day one of hannukah- way too many sufganyiot- for those who are not acquainted- they are basically jam fill donuts- that in my opinion are like jam filled hamburger buns with powdered sugar. I do not get them- and now there are the designer sufganyiot- like vodka-melon and banana lotee- yuck! Stop it!

Happily I do not like them- so no worries on my part. I am going to give a try to making churros tonight- anything fried in oil fits the bill apparantly! jeez.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

wrap bracelets all around

Today was wrap bracelet day... always time consuming, but always worth it in the end. Did one today with a super cool lace gate:
Also, uncovered a moss agate that i thought i lost- found it in the LAUNDRY HAMPER!!! got me on that one... but it became a nice necklace...
Tomorrow, I am carless- so that means much hours in the studio- have some lovely raw diamonds and pink cut tourmaline... cant wait!

Friday, December 4, 2009

A ton of faceted stones

The past few days, I have been obsessed with cut faceted stones. I loive the sparkle- cabs are great- but sometimes I just got to have toe sparkle. Here are a few rings now in the Etsy shop I did yesterday
But, i also did a 22 karat gold and turquoise that I fell in love with
And also an 18 karat gold and opal
Tomorrow wrap bracelets are on my plate. But speaking of plate- tonight we did a delayed Thanksgiving. Way too much food! And check out my GORGEOUS meringue mushrooms!
They were TOO DIE FOR! - although I am so nauseaus now, I can barely move! back to the gym tomorrow!!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everything Ruby

So lately I have become a bit fixated on these yummy hunks of earthy semi rough rubies I got from India. They are beautiful and red, yet still rough in a sense. I love them in rings, necklaces and would sprinkle them on my cereal if they were digestable! Here are a few pics of the latest ruby treats- still more to come!

Now on to more serious matters: I broke down and saw Paranormal Activity this weekend. I was against it because these things are usually silly. Granted , this was done well, but I have some issues here! If the boyfriend was a doubting Thomas about the whole supernatural thing and thought it was ridiculous to call a demonologist (what a great career choice!)- then you would think once he set a trap for the pesky demon and heard footsteps leading up to his bedroom- and then say some type of large chicken footprint appear in powder sprinkled on the floor- well, by then you probably have more faith in the supernatural- so call the demonologists, for god sake! Or a priest or who ever deals with this stuff!

Dont stay home and wait for the next nights fun. And how on earth do they just go to sleep each night? I would never sleep again! And I might break up with my girlfriend until this whole haunting thing had passed!!!

This is why I dont see these types of movies- they just dont make sense to me in areas that they should!!!

Personally, I would have just moved into the church and that's that- no issues with the fact I am jewish.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

top 5 list of the day

What to do when you have the flue? Short of making bad rhymes like that- not much. Everyone in our little household has been sick this past week- going a bit stir crazy. here is what to do:
1. eat cinnamon toast from dawn till dusk (calories dont count with a tempertature above 99.5, anyway)
2. plan the closet organizing that you will never do
3. lie around in a fuzzy robe and plan to maybe shave your legs once you feel better- but it will probably be more like when the winter is over
4. enjoy the act that you dont have to figure out what is for dinner
5. take your temperature every 12 seconds- just for fun

Hopefully we will all be healthy by next week!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My babys in their new homes

Well, these coins have found their new digs, I finally decided what to do with them- after much deliberation, and am quite happy with the outcome!!

They are such amazing pieces of history, that they really needed something grand to show them off. So... a bit of gold and some amazing gemstones, and voila- they are just as gorgeous as can be. Waiting in the Etsy shop for some fortunate neck to dangle on...

but let's notforget these little beauties also- very industrious day:

Prehinite and sterling ring

Byzantine coin and labradorite beads

leiprochrosite,gold and silver ring

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I dont have pictures...

Well, my friends- some people just dont learn- and that would be me! London was AMAZING-FABULOUS-GORGEOUS- Everything I could ever imagine. I took a zillion pictures- and looked damned cute in all my little winter outfits- and then left my camera in my coat pocket through a very crowded Portobello street market! Do you think it was there at the end? Well if you guessed no- you are right! All my gorgeous pictures of christmas lights- parks- everything- it took me almost until today to come to terms with the loss of my pics- the camera, i couldnt care less (well, it is annoying and i need a new one immediatly for for owork- but my pics AHHHHHHHHH!
But to those who havent been- go immediatly- do not hestiate- eat a scone- the world should be made of currant scones and I would die happy (and fat).
Too tired now to go on and on... till tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

London calling

I am of to London tomorrow early morning with Tamir! I am finally psyched- up until today, I havent given it to much thought for some reason.
I hope it is not raining, but it is COLD. I havent been in cold for a long time, and am trying to figure out what to wear without freezing or looking like Nanook of the North!
Going to do a little "business" while I am there- giving out some gorgeous flyers I made for the jewelry business- to various shops and galleries that look the part! Hopefully will be received well.
Havent even read what to do there. Getting tips from friends and clients- 4 days and three nights- YEAH!!
Pics when I get back!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rare Beauties

Oh, how I love hunting for antique coins. Each trip is a possibility waiting to happen. For something amazing to pop up- quietly... innocently... and unbeknownst to everyone but us... and that is what happened this time!

A day in East Jerusalem to my "coin source"- always seems like he is sleeping in a chair- nothing going on- several Greek orthodox priests in full garb wandering around his dusty shop fondling objects that i cant even imagine what they are. Always happy to see us when he opens his eyes. Always offering thick black coffee that i pretend to drink- always bringing out crinkly plastic bags of coins that he doesnt keep in his display- and the rare ones that are wrapped in a tissue and kept in an Augmentin antibiotic box.
Very secure and official...

I did get the small Roman coins that i use in rings and necklaces- they are bronze nand lovely- but not particularly rare- they are almost 2000 years old- but still- there are plenty out there.
And then I saw one silver very dirty coin without much hope- so he said he would sell it to us for a "reasonable" price- but good luck cleaning it. Also splurged on one amazing greek- 2500 year old coin of Athena- drop dead gorgeous and waiting for some gold and tourmaline to greet it.

Long story... well longer- got home and cleaned the mess and found a BEAUTY!!! A rare coin called "temple tax" coin- from the period of the second temple- King Herod (time of Jesus)- it was a 1/2 shekel that all males had to pay to pass through the temple gates. it is in perfect condition and worth a bundle. Also- very cool historical value and just so freakin lovely!!! Here is a pic:

So stay tuned for this beauty to be set into a PHENOMANAL necklace that is all planned in my head!

This is the lovely and old Athens- with a bird on back- the cut was made into it thousands of years ago to test for silver value. All these coins have the cuts.

Stay tuned for this in a new incarnation also...

So great day in Jerusalem- good hummus and no riots (always a plus_ except the next day there were- so we lucked out in many ways!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Inspirational Nonsense!

I need to know!!! What is the deal with everyone lately stamping their jewelry (jewelry designers, that is), with all this inspirational nonsense!? On the back of a necklace the word "strength"- or "balance" - that seems to be a biggie! Or then there are the obvious- like "winter". it's a growing and extremely annoying trend!

I feel like making a line of jewelry and stamping things like "slightly anemic"- or maybe "irritable in the morning"- or things like "pudding" and "mac n cheese"- maybe I can have a whole line from appetizers through dessert!

For Gods sake! This whole new aged thing just cracks me up. People who usually cant even pronounce "spaghetti bolognese" are saying words like "Feng shui" all of a sudden.
And paying $300 for someone to come into their kitchen to discuss where the energy points are.
In my kitchen the energy points are the gas burner- the oven and the toaster. And they use a plug!!! And they cannot channel the spirit of a baker from 1760! And they wont cause me to be fruitful and multiply or anything else!

I even know someone who had one of those ridiculous consultants come into their house and advised them to keep their toilet seats closed so the good energy wont flush down the toilet! Honest to god! I usually keep them closed so the cats wont fall in- who knew I was being so spiritually healthy!!!

I just have no patience for all this crap! I sound a bit like Rosanne Rosadanna from the original Saturday night Live- if anyone remembers her!
Anyway... on another topic- did some majorly lovely rings yesterday. Here are a few pics. I am in a ring phase lately!

white topaz silver and 18 karat gold
gorgeous garnet and silver- with inspiration from Miss tammy!
not quite a ring- but made with rings- silver,gold and sapphire

rough diamond,gold and silver- another "not a ring"

So here is the top frive in the theme of inspirational crap!!

5 things I want to stamp on jewelry:

1.slightly anemic (yes, i repeat meself here)

2. need new bras

3. cranky

4. lamb chop

5. lost 5 pounds!

Off to Jerusalem tomorrow to look for old coins. Hopefully all quiet tomorrow. Last week was a bit hairy due to Hamas calling friday "day of Rage" and there were some small riots- hopefully tomorrow will be just "day of shopping". Wish me luck!!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Does anyone really see this?

Sometimes I wonder- well all the time I wonder- does anyone actually read this? Am I just rambling on and on to myself? Should I just chat with my cat and call it quits? She is always a good audience and never critical or sarcastic- although an occasional fur ball might find its way up in mid chat- so there are pros and cons.

I have been working morning till night forever it seems- not that I dont love it- but still- i could use a few day break.

London might be on the horizon for this weekend or next! Will know more tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few new pics of what I did today and have found their way into the Etsy shop:

amazing Picasso jasper and citrine pendant
The biggest citrine ring on the planet
lovely fossil coral and silver
Ruby rubilicoius ring

very cool mystery jasper ring

And now for todays top Five:

Five reasons I love Halloween:

1. candycorn





Enough said!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

My favorite ring yet

Each day I make a new ring, I say it is my favorite. Today I mean it- until tomorrow probably. This ring is large- gorgeous stone- cool metalwork- all in all YUMMY for a ring.

And now, for today's list: 5 things you should never say in a doctor's office waiting room:

1. would you mind holding my specimen cup a moment?

2. can you scratch that big oozing sore on my back for me please- its hard for me to get to

3. I've named my tapeworm Robert

4. I'm collecting spleen donations- can you help?

5. Usually when I have an Ebola outbreak, it is for a week. Today seems like a short one

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Rules!

YUM YUM- I love pink stones- I could physically eat them -of course that might lead to digestive problems... but a girl can dream. This ring i dod today- well I am actually in love with it. And I might need a few minutes alone with it each day- it is nothing short of sublime (if i do say so myself) i am just tickled... pink!

And now for the list of the week-

5 games never to play with a toddler:

1. ring around the porcupine

2. peek-a-boo with a plastic bag

3. hide n seek in the safari park

4. who can eat the most small nuts the fastest

5. how hot is the pot

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 good names for a book I will never write

I love book titles. they can be so random and unconnected to the book- and then you come upon a sentence about 3/4 of the way in and say, "oh- finally" So I have compriled a list of the 10 good titles for the book I will never write:

1. 10 Degrees South of Hope
2. Fireflies In Paraguay
3. And she only Sang Once
4. The Undetermined Finch
5. The Saddest Girl that Lived to Smile
6. Forty Six
7. Sex and the Single Parakeet
8. The Wish Horse
9. Remembering Jackson
10. Tribal Conquest

I started writing nonsonse titles- well at least thinking them back in university in a graphic arts class, when we had to title out paintings. i thought it a tad ridiculous- everyone said things like "portrait in blue #11"
So I named mine, "uh oh- Aunt Betty Forgot the Porkchops".

As it turned out, my drawing was a disaster- but the professor loved my title- so all was not lost!
And now I cant stop...
suggestions anyone?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dreaming of california

Shanee is in California now... San Fransisco- a place I did not appreciate while I was there. What fun it would be to go now- eat some real mexican food- stroll around the marina- take the ferry to Sausalito- ah well...

On the homefront- I am working- and working- and working... I get a bit obsessed it seems. I tell myself that today I am not going into the studio- and that lasts until- well maybe an hour. need more balance maybe? But I love every minute- so why balance?

So here are a few of the thing finding their way out of my hands in the last few days: