Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I dont have pictures...

Well, my friends- some people just dont learn- and that would be me! London was AMAZING-FABULOUS-GORGEOUS- Everything I could ever imagine. I took a zillion pictures- and looked damned cute in all my little winter outfits- and then left my camera in my coat pocket through a very crowded Portobello street market! Do you think it was there at the end? Well if you guessed no- you are right! All my gorgeous pictures of christmas lights- parks- everything- it took me almost until today to come to terms with the loss of my pics- the camera, i couldnt care less (well, it is annoying and i need a new one immediatly for for owork- but my pics AHHHHHHHHH!
But to those who havent been- go immediatly- do not hestiate- eat a scone- the world should be made of currant scones and I would die happy (and fat).
Too tired now to go on and on... till tomorrow :)

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