Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Love-hate relationship

It might be a little sad to say that I have such strongs feelings for piece of jewelry- it may mean that I need to get out in the sunshine and world of people more -but all in all, I'd rather spend time with dolphins).

Nevertheless, this monster of a ring has been a true labor of love- from figuring the proportions to setting the little satellite stones- and in the end love won out over hate- which popped up halfway through and caused me to lock it away for a whole week before I managed to face it again today- a new dawn, a new day- a new ring!!!

So there it is- my little terror of the past 2 weeks!

Got some gorgeous new (well, actually quite old!) Roman coins today- need to fine there new place in the world- tomorrow might be the day...

Got a tumbler- for shining jewelry- dont do too much shining in my work though and am fighting with all my heart not to polish the silverwear that way...

Was carrying a steaming hot plate of turkey eggplant casserole (tastes better than it sounds) when my cat literally flung himself at me high speed from the counter crashing into me full body weight- plate went flying as did its contents- kitty went into hiding under the dining table for 5 hours!!! :(

And that wraps up my day!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love Winter!

I love winter! Granted winter in Israel is not Minnesota- but nevertheless- rain- wind and cozy nights. And with the knowledge that by mid March there will be constant sun until the next winter! Just enough time to wear fuzzy sweaters and boots- and when I am sick to death of them- its spring again!
Today I worked with a bright flowery stone- called Morgan Hill poppy jasper (got me where is Morgan Hill)- it is so sunny and summery that it couldnt have come on a better day. Did a 3-D type vase with flowers. Cute as can be

Isnt that just a bright spot in winter?

And now to the top five list for today: 5 things i would never name a cat:

1. plastic pudding container (too long to call in the street)

2. technical writer (cats doent write too well technically)

3. Spleen (just sounds dumb)

4. dehydrated raisin compound (see number 1)

5. Charles Manson - no need to explain here

Luckily my cats alreasy have names: Santa, Lolly (lollypop) and Tiger.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to fun

Usually I wake up early and by 7:30 am hammering away in the studio. Not that I dont love every minute of it- but yesterday I made something that was just so much fun that it kept me smiling all night- even through a semi boring movie!

That something is a 3-d (well, all jewelry is 3-d I suppose), but this is super 3-d. It is a cage encasing 2 rough tourmaline stones. It looks like some sort of talisman, and for that reason, I have decided it has superpowers. Nothing can go bad while wearing this- it is jangly and fun and just my favorite thing in a long time. Here it is:
Doesnt that just say superpower?

This one might not let me leap over tall buildings, but it still deserves a nice neck for a home.....

Today is day one of hannukah- way too many sufganyiot- for those who are not acquainted- they are basically jam fill donuts- that in my opinion are like jam filled hamburger buns with powdered sugar. I do not get them- and now there are the designer sufganyiot- like vodka-melon and banana lotee- yuck! Stop it!

Happily I do not like them- so no worries on my part. I am going to give a try to making churros tonight- anything fried in oil fits the bill apparantly! jeez.....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

wrap bracelets all around

Today was wrap bracelet day... always time consuming, but always worth it in the end. Did one today with a super cool lace gate:
Also, uncovered a moss agate that i thought i lost- found it in the LAUNDRY HAMPER!!! got me on that one... but it became a nice necklace...
Tomorrow, I am carless- so that means much hours in the studio- have some lovely raw diamonds and pink cut tourmaline... cant wait!

Friday, December 4, 2009

A ton of faceted stones

The past few days, I have been obsessed with cut faceted stones. I loive the sparkle- cabs are great- but sometimes I just got to have toe sparkle. Here are a few rings now in the Etsy shop I did yesterday
But, i also did a 22 karat gold and turquoise that I fell in love with
And also an 18 karat gold and opal
Tomorrow wrap bracelets are on my plate. But speaking of plate- tonight we did a delayed Thanksgiving. Way too much food! And check out my GORGEOUS meringue mushrooms!
They were TOO DIE FOR! - although I am so nauseaus now, I can barely move! back to the gym tomorrow!!!