Friday, July 30, 2010

labor or love

This bracelet... has caused me to scream- throw things- curse in a truly disgusting manner- eat a large amount of chocolate- be snippy with my cat and finally smile.

Two days in the making and 39 seperate pieces, but i love it in the end!!!
This next one involved better behavior on my part, but the stone is so to-die-for that I might still made inappropriate loud noises occassionally

Now for a serious dilema:

If you were the last person on earth- and the earth was still full of food that was untainted, would you just eat as much as you want and just get fatter and fatter, cause no one is there to see you anyhow?

Well, I was presented with this question, and thought, NO -cause if I did, no doubt I would run into an obscure group of people who also survived and were restarting man kind- and there I am 300 pounds knocking on their door! Yikes!!

Also, I would prefer to be the last person on earth (plus a chef)

If I has a choice...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In the Kitchen

Kids are out of the house tonight and I feel like making a nice romantic dinner for two tonight! Here is what is on the menue:

1. cold cantaloups soup
2. fresh green beans (I hate them , but as an adult must serve something green)
3. whole wheat couscous with cranberries and almonds
4. grilled sea bass
5, lemon sorbet- HOMEMADE!!!

doesnt that sound refreshing???

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Day At The Beach

One relaxing Saturday at the beach with nothing but a book, and a chair and Umbrella. While Tamir surfed the waves, I did absolutly NOTHING!!! It was fabulous!!

Water clear green blue and as warm as a bath- jelly fish all gone- I forget how amazing the beaches are 10 minutes from my house!!! The Mediterranean is such a gorgeous sea!

Amazing view except for the mystery paddle ball queen

Tamir and his third child

And now to serious matters: There are a few things in the world that might make me one day go out and buy a gun and actually use it. This is the main one:

Number 1: people who are in front of you in the supermarket and take their time to pack without paying first, so those in line have to wait until they finish packing and THEN pay, so we can get our turn.

How difficult is it to pay, pack and be on your way?! Also, what's with those people who then after packing, start digging around in their bags for any form of payment, and cant seem to find it for like an additinal 10 minutes!!

Number 2: (still at the supermarket) when people walk up to you with only a few items and ask in an assuming way that they only have a few things and is it ok to go ahead- NO- IT IS NOT OKAY

That is why there are express lanes!!! And that is why we wait for answers before assuming things!!!

Obviously I had a bad day at the super today... sorry for ranting

Mara xo :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Not sure if "decarbing" is an actual word, but my oh my- I need to start! Ten days in Italy- non stop pizza, pasta, biscotti and gelato! Thank god for walking- jeez- it was a 10 day eating orgy!!!

Sicily was "nice", but not like the rest of Italy- Southern Italy in general is a bit run down. Not like Tuscany or Lake Como- so after a week in Sicily, we high tailed it up north a bit to the most gorgeous place on earth- the Amalfi coast and Capri. Blindingly beautiful... no words for there except- well, none actually...

Back to Sicily: The house was lovely, but creepy as expected. Many 16th century portraits stairing down at me from all walls. And my disturbed imagination to give them life led to a few sleepless moments!!

Here are a few pics of here and there:

On Top of Mount Etna

Worth Every Calorie!!

The view down from the top of capri

Altogether, I have over 400 pics, but there is just so much time I can figure out what to put on... Mount Etna was other worldly- as most active volcanos are, I would guess. And populated by millions of lady bugs- which also most active volcanos are for some reason.

Now, back to the jewelry factory- my hands has a 10 day rest- ready to get dirty again!!!