Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Love-hate relationship

It might be a little sad to say that I have such strongs feelings for piece of jewelry- it may mean that I need to get out in the sunshine and world of people more -but all in all, I'd rather spend time with dolphins).

Nevertheless, this monster of a ring has been a true labor of love- from figuring the proportions to setting the little satellite stones- and in the end love won out over hate- which popped up halfway through and caused me to lock it away for a whole week before I managed to face it again today- a new dawn, a new day- a new ring!!!

So there it is- my little terror of the past 2 weeks!

Got some gorgeous new (well, actually quite old!) Roman coins today- need to fine there new place in the world- tomorrow might be the day...

Got a tumbler- for shining jewelry- dont do too much shining in my work though and am fighting with all my heart not to polish the silverwear that way...

Was carrying a steaming hot plate of turkey eggplant casserole (tastes better than it sounds) when my cat literally flung himself at me high speed from the counter crashing into me full body weight- plate went flying as did its contents- kitty went into hiding under the dining table for 5 hours!!! :(

And that wraps up my day!!!

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