Friday, December 5, 2008

I love walking around Jerusalem on a friday morning. There is a bit of everything and everyone all mixed into one pot of human soup. Religious,students,tourists,Arabs,Jews... everyone wandering around the market buying strawberries and cheese- tasting, pushing- and generally just having a nice Friday morning.

Went into a FABULOUS cheese shop in the market and tasted cheese nirvana. Bought 18 years old cheese- hope that's a good thing. But al in all- a lot of fun. Such a change from tel Aviv- a completely different feel to the city and people.

On another note... did a lot of work this week in my airless little studio. Burned and sawed myself a tad too much, but other than that, came out in one piece. here are a few pics of the fruits of my labors:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm wearing BOOTS today!!! I am so happy that it is almost winter and I can get fuzzy. The boots also went along with a sweater- unfortunately it was about 78 degrees... but there is a difference in late fall 78 than spring 78, and DAMN IT!!! I am going to wear boots!!!
I would love to call this time of the year pumpkin weather- when everything is all orange, gold and crunchy, but I suppose I have to call it Pommegranate weather, because there are still a few left on our trees, and nothing is turning color or getting crunchy- except for the grass, and that is because we are supposed to cut back on the water. But still I can pretend...

Why is it than when you get to a stop light, people in the next car feel the need to stare blatently at me and I cannot return their stare? I get so embarrassed for some reason- tomorrow that is mt personal goal: to return the stare of a total stranger (some might say I am setting my personal goals a wee to low...)
Been working my tush off this week on getting new things made in my airless studio. here are a few pics- can always find them on my Etsy shop or my own site:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why is it that when I start a diet, I always GAIN weight? It seems to go against all laws of physics, but it always happens! I can loose the same 2 pounds 25 times, so in theory, I have lost 25 pounds, even though my scale shows a one pound gain. Well. nothing too tragic I suppose.

Although for some reason now, I cannot stop my chocolate addiction. There really should be a rehab of sorts. Actualy, I saw a ridiculous commercial for a rehab center advertised on TV, and they said they can deal with all kinds of addictions: drugs, alcohol, gambling and BAKED GOODS. I SWEAR TO GOD! There are people who go to rehab because of apple turnovers!!!

Can you imagine the confession stories. Stealing money to pay for phyllo dough leaves... selling your body just for one more doughnut... SCARY!

Here are a few new pics of what i have baked up this week:

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The first thunderstorm since last winter was LAST NIGHT!!! It was so loud that it felt like in was actually in my bed, and naturally my cat was freaking out. but... there is a sad side to it. (For her sake) Our bedroom door was locked and she couldnt come in- just meowed mournafully on the other side. And why was it locked? Because my slightly odd husband has issues with eating several times a night when he is sleeping, and wants to be locked in. I have vague notions of him searching for the key and trying to escape at night, but always fails. My question is, if one wants to be locked in, why bothering to look for the key?

All in all, it has helped in the eating department. once apparantly he was holding a cupcake in hand, and a second later aid it just wasnt there. So, i suppose it is actual sleep eating, which seems a HUGE waste of calories, if you ask me! (He is going to a sleep clinic in 2 days- maybe they can help!!!)
We went for a 12 kilometer hike today in hopes of getting me prepared for a trip to Nepal in the winter. Kind of boring where we hiked and I got fed up about 3/4 of the way through, so not sure how 16 days of hiking near Mount Everest would be. Although the difference is scenery and culture, and the cool aspect of hiking 20,000 up! Today we managed to see some radioactive sized turtles. Not sure why they were so big, but nevertheless a break in the tedium of picknicers.

Bought some fabulous druzy stones last week. They look so good I actually want to eat them. Literally. But alas, I have refrained. I read about a condition called Pica that some woman get when they are pregnant where they get cravings for things like laundry detergent. This seems similar, but i havent tried a bite. i mentioned it to the girl at the counter and she just stared at me and said, "why would you eat rocks?" with a straight face/ I hate when people just dont get that you are kidding. I had no response. Here are a few pics of the yummies:

Monday, September 15, 2008

I dont know why it is so hard for me to open this page and write. I made a promise that once a day I would write a bit and add a pic or two, and now it has been ONE MONTH!!! So much for my word to myself.

Saw a few weird things lately: a woman carrying a giant rabbit in the mall and then strapping it into a baby carriage like it was the most normal thing to do. I dont think she handed it a lollypop, but she did lean in and give it something. Which makes me also think... maybe it really wasnt a rabbit and I only thought it was. But it would be hard to mistake a rabbit for a baby.

Was in Italy a few weeks ago and saw a massive motorcycle convention. Hells Angels from all over the world. But for some reason when they speak Italian it seems less threatening

Also ate some amazing food and in amazing quantity. Luckily we walk a lot on vacations, but I still expect to find something good in my kitchen when I come down in the morning. I found the need to end each breakfast in Italy with Nutella on toast, but cant quiote justify it here. Although I did start my day today with gummy candy and called it fruit because it was in the shape of bananas and rasberries.

Have been working my tush off with jewelry and coming up with new and fabulous (hopefully?) things. here are a few pics of recent stuff since I came back:

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So... it is the middle of August and I have just gone to the beach for the first time!!! I live near (10 minutes) one of the most beautiful beaches in the mediterranean- and yet I couldnt seem to get myself and a towel into the car. But I did yesterday and it was FABULOUS!!! Forgot the sunburn issue though and paying for it today.

I seem to spend way too much room locked into my little jewelry studio bent over a flame and hammer- forgetting that there is a world out there in the bright sunlight. Soon I might start looking for a hollow tree to sleep in if i keep up at this pace. But nevertheless, here are a few fruits of my labor from the past 2 days:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My real first time

Okay- so it's not what you think. But nevertheless, it is my first time on a blog. Actually, believe it or not, until recently I had no clue what a blog was. I always heard,"do you want to read my blog?" "have you seen his blog?" "blog, blog, blog!!!".

So I would just smile and say, "love to- give me the address". And then it went the way that gas bills, telephone numbers nand earrings backs go. To some far off land or possibly another dimension where things are never seen again. Until now!!! I have decided to join the 21st century. (even thought the world was a much better place in my opinion when pencils and horses were high tech, and ice cream was considered better when it was as high fat as possible- but that's another story).

So I am going to use this blog for two things. One: a great source for my chaotic brain to find some listeners. All my weird ramdon thoughts ca go somewhere other than the ear of my cat, husband and kids. Two: to post daily updates of my love in life- my passion- my true calling..... my jewelry. I think, dream and eat (well, not really- although there are many stones which have tempted me to take a bite) jewelry design. So here are a few new pics of what I have done in the last two days:

So there you have some of the results of my last 24 hours shut in a small room bent over flame and hammer. A bit reclusive at times, but better than sitting in the hollow of a tree. Dont ask. The last pic with the old gorgeous coin was found by my amateur archeologist husband when he was a kid. Although this weekend I did go to Jerusalem coin shopping. Always fun- each shop has a sleeping old man for some reason that is virtually unable to rouse. And next to each is a semi burning hooka pipe- probably the cause of deep sleep in my opinion. Anyway... got spectacular byzantine and roman coins which will soon find there way into greatness.

So for now, I will sign off here. This blog has opened a new world to me and all my strangeness. Cant wait to REALLY get crackin!