Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everything Ruby

So lately I have become a bit fixated on these yummy hunks of earthy semi rough rubies I got from India. They are beautiful and red, yet still rough in a sense. I love them in rings, necklaces and would sprinkle them on my cereal if they were digestable! Here are a few pics of the latest ruby treats- still more to come!

Now on to more serious matters: I broke down and saw Paranormal Activity this weekend. I was against it because these things are usually silly. Granted , this was done well, but I have some issues here! If the boyfriend was a doubting Thomas about the whole supernatural thing and thought it was ridiculous to call a demonologist (what a great career choice!)- then you would think once he set a trap for the pesky demon and heard footsteps leading up to his bedroom- and then say some type of large chicken footprint appear in powder sprinkled on the floor- well, by then you probably have more faith in the supernatural- so call the demonologists, for god sake! Or a priest or who ever deals with this stuff!

Dont stay home and wait for the next nights fun. And how on earth do they just go to sleep each night? I would never sleep again! And I might break up with my girlfriend until this whole haunting thing had passed!!!

This is why I dont see these types of movies- they just dont make sense to me in areas that they should!!!

Personally, I would have just moved into the church and that's that- no issues with the fact I am jewish.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

top 5 list of the day

What to do when you have the flue? Short of making bad rhymes like that- not much. Everyone in our little household has been sick this past week- going a bit stir crazy. here is what to do:
1. eat cinnamon toast from dawn till dusk (calories dont count with a tempertature above 99.5, anyway)
2. plan the closet organizing that you will never do
3. lie around in a fuzzy robe and plan to maybe shave your legs once you feel better- but it will probably be more like when the winter is over
4. enjoy the act that you dont have to figure out what is for dinner
5. take your temperature every 12 seconds- just for fun

Hopefully we will all be healthy by next week!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My babys in their new homes

Well, these coins have found their new digs, I finally decided what to do with them- after much deliberation, and am quite happy with the outcome!!

They are such amazing pieces of history, that they really needed something grand to show them off. So... a bit of gold and some amazing gemstones, and voila- they are just as gorgeous as can be. Waiting in the Etsy shop for some fortunate neck to dangle on...

but let's notforget these little beauties also- very industrious day:

Prehinite and sterling ring

Byzantine coin and labradorite beads

leiprochrosite,gold and silver ring

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I dont have pictures...

Well, my friends- some people just dont learn- and that would be me! London was AMAZING-FABULOUS-GORGEOUS- Everything I could ever imagine. I took a zillion pictures- and looked damned cute in all my little winter outfits- and then left my camera in my coat pocket through a very crowded Portobello street market! Do you think it was there at the end? Well if you guessed no- you are right! All my gorgeous pictures of christmas lights- parks- everything- it took me almost until today to come to terms with the loss of my pics- the camera, i couldnt care less (well, it is annoying and i need a new one immediatly for for owork- but my pics AHHHHHHHHH!
But to those who havent been- go immediatly- do not hestiate- eat a scone- the world should be made of currant scones and I would die happy (and fat).
Too tired now to go on and on... till tomorrow :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

London calling

I am of to London tomorrow early morning with Tamir! I am finally psyched- up until today, I havent given it to much thought for some reason.
I hope it is not raining, but it is COLD. I havent been in cold for a long time, and am trying to figure out what to wear without freezing or looking like Nanook of the North!
Going to do a little "business" while I am there- giving out some gorgeous flyers I made for the jewelry business- to various shops and galleries that look the part! Hopefully will be received well.
Havent even read what to do there. Getting tips from friends and clients- 4 days and three nights- YEAH!!
Pics when I get back!!!