Sunday, May 16, 2010

to market to market

Friday in Tel Aviv. Warm clear sunny day and hours and hours to stroll around leisurly- what could be better. Went with Shanee windowshopping-,real shopping and tasting.

The Carmel market in Tel Aviv has been in the same place for ever- since Tel Aviv stated about 100 years ago- most of the vendors are generations of the same families. The amount of fruit and veggies are mindboggling. All sparkling like jewels- cherries- apricots,peached,and tomatos to name a few.

Here are a few pics of quantity:

cherries,bakalava and candy....

obviously I have some serious sugar issues!

Onto rings: am still in love with rough stones: diamonds,aquamarines,tourmalines.....

and this little stone- i stared at it vertically for over a year, not turning it in the obvious direction- gets the "duh" award"

and on a completely different note: my kitty cant resist hanging out in my bra. The minute it is off, she has to hop in it. Really odd. i find her sometimes with her little arms through the straps!!

that's all from the Holy land...