Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 good names for a book I will never write

I love book titles. they can be so random and unconnected to the book- and then you come upon a sentence about 3/4 of the way in and say, "oh- finally" So I have compriled a list of the 10 good titles for the book I will never write:

1. 10 Degrees South of Hope
2. Fireflies In Paraguay
3. And she only Sang Once
4. The Undetermined Finch
5. The Saddest Girl that Lived to Smile
6. Forty Six
7. Sex and the Single Parakeet
8. The Wish Horse
9. Remembering Jackson
10. Tribal Conquest

I started writing nonsonse titles- well at least thinking them back in university in a graphic arts class, when we had to title out paintings. i thought it a tad ridiculous- everyone said things like "portrait in blue #11"
So I named mine, "uh oh- Aunt Betty Forgot the Porkchops".

As it turned out, my drawing was a disaster- but the professor loved my title- so all was not lost!
And now I cant stop...
suggestions anyone?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dreaming of california

Shanee is in California now... San Fransisco- a place I did not appreciate while I was there. What fun it would be to go now- eat some real mexican food- stroll around the marina- take the ferry to Sausalito- ah well...

On the homefront- I am working- and working- and working... I get a bit obsessed it seems. I tell myself that today I am not going into the studio- and that lasts until- well maybe an hour. need more balance maybe? But I love every minute- so why balance?

So here are a few of the thing finding their way out of my hands in the last few days:

Monday, September 14, 2009

past lives

Sometimes, working al alone in my little studio- gets my mind wandering. Well, not sometimes- all the time! Today i happed to be listening to a FABULOUS album that my lovely son gal reccommemded to me: dream Theatre's :Scenes from a Memory. What an amazing cd. It is essentially a rck opera- a la The wall- about a guy who discovers through hypnotherapy- that is his past life he was a woman who was murdered- goes on about the period- the murder- and in the end it turns out the murderer was the psychiatrist also in another incarnation- and when he finds out he was discovered he kills the guy again!

Why? its not like he can go to the police and say the doctor killee him a a past life when he was also in a past life!

Anyway... great music- which got me pondering about past lives. I am generally a non believer in all things fanciful- but this sounds like fun to explore. i would love to be hypnotized- as long as i dont end up barking everytime i hear a bell or something like that.

So this is my past life regression ring. Why? because it was made during this album with toughts full of past lives:

A few more fun things were produced today during my long loud music work session- no one home but me and some cats and a very loud volume!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ideas ideas Everywhere

I have so many ideas in my head- about everything! new designs- what to make for dinner- when to go to the gym- what to wear... I need to compartmentalize all my ideas- and the weird ones which have no clue to anything. Here are the top five of the day:

1. If you opened your bathroom window fron a steamy shower to a freezing cold winter- could you make a little thunderstorm?
2 when a sweater shrinks down to doll sized clothes- where does the old sweater material go to?

3. are there any messy cats? ones that dont obsessivly clean themselves and bury their business in the litter box...
4. if you forced a cow to taste your hamburger- would that be "cow'cannibilism"?

5. why arent there any Bowlcakes, or saucercakes- only cupcakes?

well, that's it for nonsense. On to the new jewels- which a client of mine always calls jewelry, and it always makes me smile. I feel like I have the hope diamond somewhere.
yummy shades of green gold and silver
a baby paw print- or deformed baby foot as my kids call it
Tammy's custom order- i love sugilite once again!
extremely cool paintbrush jasper- very japanese watercolor!

amazing ancient Roman silver coin in 18 karat gold. he has beard and ponytail!

And that's where my story ends today...

Monday, September 7, 2009

bring in the new

It is soooo nice to lighten up! My sale on Etsy was so freeing- time for all new ideas- new stones- new materials- what fun!! I started yesterday and have soooo many ideas swimming around- that I need to focus or end up sawing my fingers and dipping them in acid like today- So here are a few pics of what came about today... no time to sleep- need to keep going -but I guess I will take a short break- did have some yummy stir fried cauliflower for dinner...
Black diamond, gold and reticulated silver
ocean jasper and silver link bracelet
labradorite and silver ring

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Every once in a while- I just need to clean house. Be it my closet- kitchen caninets or all of my jewelry. It is a great feeling to make way for the new. And I have so many ideas swimming around in my head, that they need a cluuer free environment to see the light of day.

So... because of that I am having a ridiculously huge sale for the next three days.

I want a clean slate so I can start fresh!!!!!

I do however have 2 new items that I truely love- here are some pics
This yummy pendant has chalcedony,coral, gold and silver
This insanely large Iceberg site in a new silver home with many strands of silver

By far, it is the craziest thing I have ever made!

So many ideas... time runs away...