Friday, December 4, 2009

A ton of faceted stones

The past few days, I have been obsessed with cut faceted stones. I loive the sparkle- cabs are great- but sometimes I just got to have toe sparkle. Here are a few rings now in the Etsy shop I did yesterday
But, i also did a 22 karat gold and turquoise that I fell in love with
And also an 18 karat gold and opal
Tomorrow wrap bracelets are on my plate. But speaking of plate- tonight we did a delayed Thanksgiving. Way too much food! And check out my GORGEOUS meringue mushrooms!
They were TOO DIE FOR! - although I am so nauseaus now, I can barely move! back to the gym tomorrow!!!


Alicia Istanbul said...

Wow, good work! I love the tension set one at the top.

marajoyce said...

Thank you! I always love these tension rings when i do them- just dont do them enough!