Monday, October 19, 2009

Does anyone really see this?

Sometimes I wonder- well all the time I wonder- does anyone actually read this? Am I just rambling on and on to myself? Should I just chat with my cat and call it quits? She is always a good audience and never critical or sarcastic- although an occasional fur ball might find its way up in mid chat- so there are pros and cons.

I have been working morning till night forever it seems- not that I dont love it- but still- i could use a few day break.

London might be on the horizon for this weekend or next! Will know more tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few new pics of what I did today and have found their way into the Etsy shop:

amazing Picasso jasper and citrine pendant
The biggest citrine ring on the planet
lovely fossil coral and silver
Ruby rubilicoius ring

very cool mystery jasper ring

And now for todays top Five:

Five reasons I love Halloween:

1. candycorn





Enough said!!!


Alisha said...

I love those rings!! Just beautiful!!

marajoyce said...

Thank you!