Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My real first time

Okay- so it's not what you think. But nevertheless, it is my first time on a blog. Actually, believe it or not, until recently I had no clue what a blog was. I always heard,"do you want to read my blog?" "have you seen his blog?" "blog, blog, blog!!!".

So I would just smile and say, "love to- give me the address". And then it went the way that gas bills, telephone numbers nand earrings backs go. To some far off land or possibly another dimension where things are never seen again. Until now!!! I have decided to join the 21st century. (even thought the world was a much better place in my opinion when pencils and horses were high tech, and ice cream was considered better when it was as high fat as possible- but that's another story).

So I am going to use this blog for two things. One: a great source for my chaotic brain to find some listeners. All my weird ramdon thoughts ca go somewhere other than the ear of my cat, husband and kids. Two: to post daily updates of my love in life- my passion- my true calling..... my jewelry. I think, dream and eat (well, not really- although there are many stones which have tempted me to take a bite) jewelry design. So here are a few new pics of what I have done in the last two days:

So there you have some of the results of my last 24 hours shut in a small room bent over flame and hammer. A bit reclusive at times, but better than sitting in the hollow of a tree. Dont ask. The last pic with the old gorgeous coin was found by my amateur archeologist husband when he was a kid. Although this weekend I did go to Jerusalem coin shopping. Always fun- each shop has a sleeping old man for some reason that is virtually unable to rouse. And next to each is a semi burning hooka pipe- probably the cause of deep sleep in my opinion. Anyway... got spectacular byzantine and roman coins which will soon find there way into greatness.

So for now, I will sign off here. This blog has opened a new world to me and all my strangeness. Cant wait to REALLY get crackin!