Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rare Beauties

Oh, how I love hunting for antique coins. Each trip is a possibility waiting to happen. For something amazing to pop up- quietly... innocently... and unbeknownst to everyone but us... and that is what happened this time!

A day in East Jerusalem to my "coin source"- always seems like he is sleeping in a chair- nothing going on- several Greek orthodox priests in full garb wandering around his dusty shop fondling objects that i cant even imagine what they are. Always happy to see us when he opens his eyes. Always offering thick black coffee that i pretend to drink- always bringing out crinkly plastic bags of coins that he doesnt keep in his display- and the rare ones that are wrapped in a tissue and kept in an Augmentin antibiotic box.
Very secure and official...

I did get the small Roman coins that i use in rings and necklaces- they are bronze nand lovely- but not particularly rare- they are almost 2000 years old- but still- there are plenty out there.
And then I saw one silver very dirty coin without much hope- so he said he would sell it to us for a "reasonable" price- but good luck cleaning it. Also splurged on one amazing greek- 2500 year old coin of Athena- drop dead gorgeous and waiting for some gold and tourmaline to greet it.

Long story... well longer- got home and cleaned the mess and found a BEAUTY!!! A rare coin called "temple tax" coin- from the period of the second temple- King Herod (time of Jesus)- it was a 1/2 shekel that all males had to pay to pass through the temple gates. it is in perfect condition and worth a bundle. Also- very cool historical value and just so freakin lovely!!! Here is a pic:

So stay tuned for this beauty to be set into a PHENOMANAL necklace that is all planned in my head!

This is the lovely and old Athens- with a bird on back- the cut was made into it thousands of years ago to test for silver value. All these coins have the cuts.

Stay tuned for this in a new incarnation also...

So great day in Jerusalem- good hummus and no riots (always a plus_ except the next day there were- so we lucked out in many ways!!!

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