Monday, September 21, 2009

Dreaming of california

Shanee is in California now... San Fransisco- a place I did not appreciate while I was there. What fun it would be to go now- eat some real mexican food- stroll around the marina- take the ferry to Sausalito- ah well...

On the homefront- I am working- and working- and working... I get a bit obsessed it seems. I tell myself that today I am not going into the studio- and that lasts until- well maybe an hour. need more balance maybe? But I love every minute- so why balance?

So here are a few of the thing finding their way out of my hands in the last few days:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pieces. I also feel I have to work at my bench but we love it don't we!

Anonymous said...

The ocean jasper and lapis are my favorites!! The beads incorporated with the focal stones look just beautiful and sooo feminine!