Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10 good names for a book I will never write

I love book titles. they can be so random and unconnected to the book- and then you come upon a sentence about 3/4 of the way in and say, "oh- finally" So I have compriled a list of the 10 good titles for the book I will never write:

1. 10 Degrees South of Hope
2. Fireflies In Paraguay
3. And she only Sang Once
4. The Undetermined Finch
5. The Saddest Girl that Lived to Smile
6. Forty Six
7. Sex and the Single Parakeet
8. The Wish Horse
9. Remembering Jackson
10. Tribal Conquest

I started writing nonsonse titles- well at least thinking them back in university in a graphic arts class, when we had to title out paintings. i thought it a tad ridiculous- everyone said things like "portrait in blue #11"
So I named mine, "uh oh- Aunt Betty Forgot the Porkchops".

As it turned out, my drawing was a disaster- but the professor loved my title- so all was not lost!
And now I cant stop...
suggestions anyone?

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