Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to fun

Usually I wake up early and by 7:30 am hammering away in the studio. Not that I dont love every minute of it- but yesterday I made something that was just so much fun that it kept me smiling all night- even through a semi boring movie!

That something is a 3-d (well, all jewelry is 3-d I suppose), but this is super 3-d. It is a cage encasing 2 rough tourmaline stones. It looks like some sort of talisman, and for that reason, I have decided it has superpowers. Nothing can go bad while wearing this- it is jangly and fun and just my favorite thing in a long time. Here it is:
Doesnt that just say superpower?

This one might not let me leap over tall buildings, but it still deserves a nice neck for a home.....

Today is day one of hannukah- way too many sufganyiot- for those who are not acquainted- they are basically jam fill donuts- that in my opinion are like jam filled hamburger buns with powdered sugar. I do not get them- and now there are the designer sufganyiot- like vodka-melon and banana lotee- yuck! Stop it!

Happily I do not like them- so no worries on my part. I am going to give a try to making churros tonight- anything fried in oil fits the bill apparantly! jeez.....

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