Sunday, November 29, 2009

Everything Ruby

So lately I have become a bit fixated on these yummy hunks of earthy semi rough rubies I got from India. They are beautiful and red, yet still rough in a sense. I love them in rings, necklaces and would sprinkle them on my cereal if they were digestable! Here are a few pics of the latest ruby treats- still more to come!

Now on to more serious matters: I broke down and saw Paranormal Activity this weekend. I was against it because these things are usually silly. Granted , this was done well, but I have some issues here! If the boyfriend was a doubting Thomas about the whole supernatural thing and thought it was ridiculous to call a demonologist (what a great career choice!)- then you would think once he set a trap for the pesky demon and heard footsteps leading up to his bedroom- and then say some type of large chicken footprint appear in powder sprinkled on the floor- well, by then you probably have more faith in the supernatural- so call the demonologists, for god sake! Or a priest or who ever deals with this stuff!

Dont stay home and wait for the next nights fun. And how on earth do they just go to sleep each night? I would never sleep again! And I might break up with my girlfriend until this whole haunting thing had passed!!!

This is why I dont see these types of movies- they just dont make sense to me in areas that they should!!!

Personally, I would have just moved into the church and that's that- no issues with the fact I am jewish.....

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