Sunday, July 3, 2011

Irish Influence

This blogpost is dedicated to my lovely friend Louise in Ireland- aka Made for an Angel.

And why, praytel, is this in her honor? For one very good reason!!!

She got me out of my studio and into the garden- in sunlight- up to my elbows in dirt and I was thrilled to death!

Sometimes I get so caught up in my little studio, hours go by, seasons change, bears go in and out of hibernation, weird flue viruses mutate- and yet I still dont come out the that little room!

And after hearing of Louise and her record number of zucchinis and tomoatos- well, it inspired me to reconnect with the earth (and this blog)

I live in a gorgeous almost tropical paradise that I take totally for granted- so here are a few pics of my little corner of the world (after some kick ass gardening work today)







S0- I end the day with dirt under my nails- versus chemicals and other crap-  thank you Louise!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

My Early resolution

I suppose i can say for the one thousandth time, that I will make a conscious effort to keep at this blog.

But in the end, it is sadly neglected and I have no one to blame but MOI.

It it not difficult- nor painful, but it never seems to get done. So here and now i commit to at least once every 5 days- I know you cant see, but i am taking a blood oath (well, that would be nasty) but I am taking an oath.

So… winter- officially here, yet it is 80 degrees and sunny- And this is what I am escaping to go to Sri Lanka! I wish I was leaving cold and blustery but I am leaving warm and sunny. Yet i am still counting the days- officially 7 now!

Today was a fun studio day- I start out  lining up my stones and what i want to do, and some how things morph into something else, and that original like stays untouched!

Yet this is what happened today:



I had so much fun making this lacy box like structures- they came out really nice that I think I might be stuck on them for a while…

Monday, November 29, 2010



This has been a question causing debate for eons. Does pure evil exist in its truest form? Not just bad people or bad things happening, but i mean dogs fighting in the dessert , head spinning exorcist type things.

Well, I can with out a doubt  say YES. It exists and lives under my roof:


Its name is Santa- and today proved himself to be the devil himself.

After finishing a ring that i customized for a dear client, from a pendant to a ring- with the most stunning labradorite I have ever layed my eyes on- i put it on the counter after polishing it.  He looked at me- meowed loudly and swiped it off the counter- hockey style- so that the top splintered into shards. And yet he wasnt done- with a quick right paw, he drop kicked a pink tourmaline that i decided to splurge on for a particlar ring I had in mind- sending bits of pink shards into the macaroni and cheese.

Satisfied with his work he sauntered over to the carpet and went to sleep.

Pure evil exists!

Monday, November 8, 2010

a new toy!



Yes, i got a new toy! It is called a sinusoidial stake- I know, it sounds like some god awful medical instrument from the industrial revolution. What it does is bend metal in two different directions at one time.

Super cool and extremely fun to use. Granted the whole self teaching thing isnt my cup of tea in general, but I had no choice in this matter- because besides the fact that they dont sell this tool here in Israel, they also refuse to believe that it actually exists.

This is what I came up against when asking around for it. I was told I was making it up by several people- because that would certainly be a good uses for time: making up tools and then spending a whole day going from place to place asking if they sell my invention!

So I did a bit of on line research and decided to try it first in copper and brass- as silver has become way too pricey for experiments.

The result is amazing! Like pringles with gentle graceful curves?





I had no idea that brass and copper could look so good!!!



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funky necklace day


Today was necklace day- funky, fun,weird and really cool There are just some days when I get caught up in a subject, and today happened to be necklaces!

This oddity started out as something so ridiculously differently and morphed along the way into an alient like creature in a little skirt and lace. I gave her a whole night out and decided to call it “karioke night on Mars”


She consists of a teardrop shaped yellow opal and silver

This next one is a fun little poppy jasper with dandling flowers. They each moved independently!


The stone is called Guadaloupe Poppy Jasper

This next one is ocean jasper in an Asian like design


Next in line- rough tourmaline, silver and 18 karat gold!



Same concept here, except for raw aquamarine and all   silver.



This next one is with a gorgeous rough cut emerald



and this last one is just Lolly- refusing to put her tongue in for about half an hour! Cracked me up…


tomorrow I am devoting the day to learning  tech stuff- websites. photosharing groups etc. I feel like the whole world is connected but not me! it all overwhelms me too much!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Very Serious Issues

I am going to step away from the usual in my blog- jewelry, life and other miscellaneous things, to address two very serious topics:


What is the deal with people who look at you like you are crazy when you eat batter?

Seriously- have I gone through life thinking myself and my family are the normal ones, when actually we are not?

I was making cookies the other day when friend of my daughters passed by and saw me swiping from the bowl, and it literally stopped her in her tracks!

She stared incredulously at me and just said :What are you doing?" with a weird intonnation to her voice?

Like I just sat down and starting nibbling on a still warm animal carcas

I had no response except to ask her if she wanted a swipe- it was like I offered her the leg of an antelope!

And this is not the first time I have come across this.

In my family, batter is like another food group.

I probably used to say to my kids, "dont forget to include your dough eating in part of a healthy diet" (I just dont remember)

It is better than the cooked result, no?

I dont think I can trust people who dont unsderstand the concept of batter eating.

What kink of real grasp of the here and now can they have?

And how can they pass judgement when they are guilty of things like taking a bite of a sandwich and a sip of drink together in one swallow-

this can literally make me gag!

or dipping french fries in mayonaise- which I know for fact in certain countries is punishable to the full extent of the law

So next time a batter doubter glares at me- think twice please!!


This next subject concerns a mystery.

Where do things go when they dissapear?

I know everyone wonders about that sock in the dryer thing.

But we have a bigger mystery going on here.

And ridiculous as it sounds, it is an unsolved mystery.

My son goes to sleep every night in his underwear, and    wakes up every morning without it-

and it is never found or seen again...

it is not stuffed behind a pillow-

not wedged between mattress and bed frame-

it is not in the bathroom, hallways or ceiling fan

It has just simply vanished.

It is getting to be a very expensive mystery.

I thought of setting up a video camera a la "paranormal Activity" but he is sure that we would see something way to creepy involving demons or worse

so the mystery continues.....

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Take your daughter to work day!

I have been trying forever it seems to get my kids interested in learning how to make jewelry. And shocker of all shockers, they could care less about learing. My 16 years old son in still working on buttering his bagel on his own, so a fire and torch and saw, seemed a bit daunting, I suppose.

But today!!! Today I got my daughter to learn to make a ring with me. She picked out the stone and what style she wanted- she used the torch- she filed the metal- she soldered the parts and set the stone.

And this is the outcome! Isnt it great? It gave her a smile from ear to ear.

So we crowned her the ring princess!

Any my son did a hell of a job on the bagel, to boot! A good saturday...