Thursday, January 21, 2010

stones a poppin'

All sorts of new little goodies today- more to come tomorrow- but it is 2 am now and I do believe i should call it a day!! Here are some pics of what you will find in the Etsy shop:
But I do have to show you this ring- it was a custom piece for a wonderful client and i am quite enamored with the end result!

It misbehaved a lot in the making- but worth it is the end!!!

Night night... xo

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So many New ideas

I have soooo many ideas swimming in my head- that it is literally keeping me awake at night. I see myself sawing as I close my eyes- I can feel the hammer in my hand when I turn over- it is getting ridiculous!

In the next few days, i will try and get many new designs photographed and listed in the Etsy shop- stay tuned.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010


One of the things I HATE the most is all the pictures I have to take of jewelry, just to get one or two good ones. So when something really good turns out, i am just beyond happy. And yes folks, that happened yesterday!
First of all, the icicle necklace. Cool and jangly- I love it- a gorgeous natural crystal of icy blue aquamarine blended with hammered slivers of silver on a long chain
Lately, long is the way to go for me.
And then my genius (well, I am patting my own back a tad here) was to take pics of it on a hunk of ice. It is so cool and frosty looking that I couldnt stop photographing it!

I absolutly love how ice photographs- but- I did have to pry off the metal from the ice afterwards. Better than a tongue on a light post, i suppose.

Redid an old piece of etched silver into an amoeba. All squiggly and weird shaped-set with a lovely amethyst and emerald. I like the way amethysr sounds- almost like something yummy- should be crunchy and sweet.
Went on a long power walk (extremely dumb name) today- as Tamir and I do every saturday- bright and sunny and warm as summer- 25 degrees celcius. Through the strawberry fields- and in kadima they do go on forever! Ate our way through them until 1/2 hours later we arrived in the orange groves- ate our way through that too. All in all, a nice fruit salad walk.
Ahhh. what a hard winter here in Israel...

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Every once in a while- it is just time to clean shop- literally. Suddenly older designs seem to have the weight of the world- i cant breath under their strain... so decided to clear al out and make room for all the new designs floating around in my cavernous brain...

Today through saturday. tons of things from 40-60% off. Yippee!