Thursday, December 17, 2009

I love Winter!

I love winter! Granted winter in Israel is not Minnesota- but nevertheless- rain- wind and cozy nights. And with the knowledge that by mid March there will be constant sun until the next winter! Just enough time to wear fuzzy sweaters and boots- and when I am sick to death of them- its spring again!
Today I worked with a bright flowery stone- called Morgan Hill poppy jasper (got me where is Morgan Hill)- it is so sunny and summery that it couldnt have come on a better day. Did a 3-D type vase with flowers. Cute as can be

Isnt that just a bright spot in winter?

And now to the top five list for today: 5 things i would never name a cat:

1. plastic pudding container (too long to call in the street)

2. technical writer (cats doent write too well technically)

3. Spleen (just sounds dumb)

4. dehydrated raisin compound (see number 1)

5. Charles Manson - no need to explain here

Luckily my cats alreasy have names: Santa, Lolly (lollypop) and Tiger.

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