Monday, September 15, 2008

I dont know why it is so hard for me to open this page and write. I made a promise that once a day I would write a bit and add a pic or two, and now it has been ONE MONTH!!! So much for my word to myself.

Saw a few weird things lately: a woman carrying a giant rabbit in the mall and then strapping it into a baby carriage like it was the most normal thing to do. I dont think she handed it a lollypop, but she did lean in and give it something. Which makes me also think... maybe it really wasnt a rabbit and I only thought it was. But it would be hard to mistake a rabbit for a baby.

Was in Italy a few weeks ago and saw a massive motorcycle convention. Hells Angels from all over the world. But for some reason when they speak Italian it seems less threatening

Also ate some amazing food and in amazing quantity. Luckily we walk a lot on vacations, but I still expect to find something good in my kitchen when I come down in the morning. I found the need to end each breakfast in Italy with Nutella on toast, but cant quiote justify it here. Although I did start my day today with gummy candy and called it fruit because it was in the shape of bananas and rasberries.

Have been working my tush off with jewelry and coming up with new and fabulous (hopefully?) things. here are a few pics of recent stuff since I came back: