Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Believes in Ghosts?

I suppose I dont actualy believe in ghosts- but I can seriously creep myself out with the slightest provecation. And this said, in one more day we are on our way to Sicily for 10 glorious days.

Mom rented this 16th century mini castle- I guess you can call it- and although by looks it is quite beautiful- there is some real creep potential. Meeting up with the whole gang- brother and family, Mom and us. Here are some pics of this amazing place:

The name of the house is Villa Pietraperciate

This last pic is the view of Me Etna from the garden. I plan on climbing Mt Etna- if not totally by foot, than at least as much as possible- granted it is close to 11,000 feet...

I suppose if I were to encounter something of the other world along a hallway one night, etter it be in Italian- I imagine even ghosts seem more elegant in Italian.

Next on the plan is a heavy duty dosage of daily carbs. Being one who tries to limit these- italy is like heaven and hell together. Daily hikes will hopefully keep things under control!! I have been to Italy now about 5 times, and i have yet to find a pizza or pasta that is not worth every bite. Doesnt matter what a whole in the wall it is- it just is the best anywhere!!!

So... closing up the Etsy shop from Friday July 2nd until July 14th. Hope to come back extremely rested and inspired- as well as well fed :)

Top 5 List:

5 things Italians do better than anyone:

1. they turn ice cream into Gelato- and that is magic enough

2. they can tie a rag around their throat and instantly look like they are high fashion

3. They can get their points across to foriegners without a word of English

4. They make the simplest of words sound sexy as hell

5. what they do with tomtatos, basil and garlic goes beyond words

see you all soon... xoxoxo

Monday, June 14, 2010

Aqua Blues

I am in LOVE with aquamarine! I love its name- actually, I have become enamored of stone names lately- dont even get me started on Amethyst Sage- I am ready to name a baby after that one (if a baby was on my to-do list- which it is wayyyyy not.)

But I had an insanely yummy chuck of aquamarine to play with today, so this was born:
After all those cool blues, i went in the OPPOSITE direction with this today: firey and hot!

There were more today, but I am exhausted from this computer!!!

Night night~~ xo

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frolicking on the Red Sea

I am not sure if i have ever really frolicked- I always feel it involves a white cotton dress, a picnic hamper and possible bunnies near by- but... I might have come close this weekend.

Two and a half days on the Red Sea in the town of Eilat. Gorgeous water beyond belief, so vlear you can make out all the life on the spectacular coral reefs from a distance. Fish swim up to you like in a Disney movie- I might have even found Nemo.

Blue sky against an almost surreal desert backdrop- intense blue sky and not a cloud visible for the next 6 months.

A bit warm- about 38 degreeas (102 far. approx), but NO humidity- so feels nice and makes for great hair days.

We did nothing but read good books beach and poolside until we got to hot and then rolled into the water to cool off. Ate great food and thoroughly enjoyed the papmering of a killer hotel. Built into the towering rocks- so out of the windows, its like being inside the mountain!

No phones, no computers, no kids.....

Here are a few pics

Our Amazing Hotel in the Rock

On the docks (Better than on the rocks)
Intense blue of the Red Sea

Last pic is Saudi Arabia! Across the narrow sea- a stones throw...

All in all, a great relaxing weekend- sometimes mini vacations are the best!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Season for War

In most places, summertime is a season for watermelon, the beach and picnics. While here in Israel, it is also those things- summer is also the season for war. And everyone feels that something is coming this summer.

Why summer? well, it is just more convenient to have wars in summer it seems. Almost all confrontations have started in this season- so we will see what happens... stay tuned! But I must say, I have never felt the least bit nervous about living here- for even one mili-second- so I am not too worried about summer...

on a different subject- been super productive with new things after my kick-ass sale. I am really pleased with what has sprung from my fingertips.:

Going to Eilat tomorrow! A spectacular place on the Red sea. Fun and sun for 2 1/2 days. Pics when I get back...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Once again it is that time- twice a year i feel the need to clean house and have a humongous sale! Happening today until Thursday night. I love to lighten uo sometimes and make way for all new ideas. Check it out in the Etsy shop!!

Todays to 5 list:

Names I would give lipstick if that were my job:
1. ashes of rasberries
2. snow bunny
3. flora luna
4. panacotta peach
5. pansy's on the porch

Names I would NOT like to see on lipstick:
1. bacterial beige
2. road kill red
3. intestinal blockage pink
4. peaches and grasshoppers
5. liposuction mauve