Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Believes in Ghosts?

I suppose I dont actualy believe in ghosts- but I can seriously creep myself out with the slightest provecation. And this said, in one more day we are on our way to Sicily for 10 glorious days.

Mom rented this 16th century mini castle- I guess you can call it- and although by looks it is quite beautiful- there is some real creep potential. Meeting up with the whole gang- brother and family, Mom and us. Here are some pics of this amazing place:

The name of the house is Villa Pietraperciate

This last pic is the view of Me Etna from the garden. I plan on climbing Mt Etna- if not totally by foot, than at least as much as possible- granted it is close to 11,000 feet...

I suppose if I were to encounter something of the other world along a hallway one night, etter it be in Italian- I imagine even ghosts seem more elegant in Italian.

Next on the plan is a heavy duty dosage of daily carbs. Being one who tries to limit these- italy is like heaven and hell together. Daily hikes will hopefully keep things under control!! I have been to Italy now about 5 times, and i have yet to find a pizza or pasta that is not worth every bite. Doesnt matter what a whole in the wall it is- it just is the best anywhere!!!

So... closing up the Etsy shop from Friday July 2nd until July 14th. Hope to come back extremely rested and inspired- as well as well fed :)

Top 5 List:

5 things Italians do better than anyone:

1. they turn ice cream into Gelato- and that is magic enough

2. they can tie a rag around their throat and instantly look like they are high fashion

3. They can get their points across to foriegners without a word of English

4. They make the simplest of words sound sexy as hell

5. what they do with tomtatos, basil and garlic goes beyond words

see you all soon... xoxoxo

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KKreates said...

You are so lucky what a beautiful place to stay!