Sunday, June 13, 2010

Frolicking on the Red Sea

I am not sure if i have ever really frolicked- I always feel it involves a white cotton dress, a picnic hamper and possible bunnies near by- but... I might have come close this weekend.

Two and a half days on the Red Sea in the town of Eilat. Gorgeous water beyond belief, so vlear you can make out all the life on the spectacular coral reefs from a distance. Fish swim up to you like in a Disney movie- I might have even found Nemo.

Blue sky against an almost surreal desert backdrop- intense blue sky and not a cloud visible for the next 6 months.

A bit warm- about 38 degreeas (102 far. approx), but NO humidity- so feels nice and makes for great hair days.

We did nothing but read good books beach and poolside until we got to hot and then rolled into the water to cool off. Ate great food and thoroughly enjoyed the papmering of a killer hotel. Built into the towering rocks- so out of the windows, its like being inside the mountain!

No phones, no computers, no kids.....

Here are a few pics

Our Amazing Hotel in the Rock

On the docks (Better than on the rocks)
Intense blue of the Red Sea

Last pic is Saudi Arabia! Across the narrow sea- a stones throw...

All in all, a great relaxing weekend- sometimes mini vacations are the best!

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