Monday, September 14, 2009

past lives

Sometimes, working al alone in my little studio- gets my mind wandering. Well, not sometimes- all the time! Today i happed to be listening to a FABULOUS album that my lovely son gal reccommemded to me: dream Theatre's :Scenes from a Memory. What an amazing cd. It is essentially a rck opera- a la The wall- about a guy who discovers through hypnotherapy- that is his past life he was a woman who was murdered- goes on about the period- the murder- and in the end it turns out the murderer was the psychiatrist also in another incarnation- and when he finds out he was discovered he kills the guy again!

Why? its not like he can go to the police and say the doctor killee him a a past life when he was also in a past life!

Anyway... great music- which got me pondering about past lives. I am generally a non believer in all things fanciful- but this sounds like fun to explore. i would love to be hypnotized- as long as i dont end up barking everytime i hear a bell or something like that.

So this is my past life regression ring. Why? because it was made during this album with toughts full of past lives:

A few more fun things were produced today during my long loud music work session- no one home but me and some cats and a very loud volume!

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Alisha said...

I absolutely love your stuff!!