Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ideas ideas Everywhere

I have so many ideas in my head- about everything! new designs- what to make for dinner- when to go to the gym- what to wear... I need to compartmentalize all my ideas- and the weird ones which have no clue to anything. Here are the top five of the day:

1. If you opened your bathroom window fron a steamy shower to a freezing cold winter- could you make a little thunderstorm?
2 when a sweater shrinks down to doll sized clothes- where does the old sweater material go to?

3. are there any messy cats? ones that dont obsessivly clean themselves and bury their business in the litter box...
4. if you forced a cow to taste your hamburger- would that be "cow'cannibilism"?

5. why arent there any Bowlcakes, or saucercakes- only cupcakes?

well, that's it for nonsense. On to the new jewels- which a client of mine always calls jewelry, and it always makes me smile. I feel like I have the hope diamond somewhere.
yummy shades of green gold and silver
a baby paw print- or deformed baby foot as my kids call it
Tammy's custom order- i love sugilite once again!
extremely cool paintbrush jasper- very japanese watercolor!

amazing ancient Roman silver coin in 18 karat gold. he has beard and ponytail!

And that's where my story ends today...


Eve M Metalsmith said...

In answer to your #3, yes, yes wholeheartedly freakin' YES!

One of my 3 cats is the old man of the group, and terribly tempermental. It really all depend on how well the other girls (kitties) are treating him at any given time, and also what size the moon is on that given day. Every once in a while no matter how clean the box is...he leaves a neat yet wholly disgusting little pile for me about 2 feet from the box, as if to say "i don't give a hoot about you or your damn box!"

Your giant beautiful beast of a necklace is, well, giant and beautiful! Reminds me of something cleopatra would have worn ;o)

Great work as always girl!

marajoyce said...

why thank you kindly, Ma'am...