Sunday, October 31, 2010

Two Very Serious Issues

I am going to step away from the usual in my blog- jewelry, life and other miscellaneous things, to address two very serious topics:


What is the deal with people who look at you like you are crazy when you eat batter?

Seriously- have I gone through life thinking myself and my family are the normal ones, when actually we are not?

I was making cookies the other day when friend of my daughters passed by and saw me swiping from the bowl, and it literally stopped her in her tracks!

She stared incredulously at me and just said :What are you doing?" with a weird intonnation to her voice?

Like I just sat down and starting nibbling on a still warm animal carcas

I had no response except to ask her if she wanted a swipe- it was like I offered her the leg of an antelope!

And this is not the first time I have come across this.

In my family, batter is like another food group.

I probably used to say to my kids, "dont forget to include your dough eating in part of a healthy diet" (I just dont remember)

It is better than the cooked result, no?

I dont think I can trust people who dont unsderstand the concept of batter eating.

What kink of real grasp of the here and now can they have?

And how can they pass judgement when they are guilty of things like taking a bite of a sandwich and a sip of drink together in one swallow-

this can literally make me gag!

or dipping french fries in mayonaise- which I know for fact in certain countries is punishable to the full extent of the law

So next time a batter doubter glares at me- think twice please!!


This next subject concerns a mystery.

Where do things go when they dissapear?

I know everyone wonders about that sock in the dryer thing.

But we have a bigger mystery going on here.

And ridiculous as it sounds, it is an unsolved mystery.

My son goes to sleep every night in his underwear, and    wakes up every morning without it-

and it is never found or seen again...

it is not stuffed behind a pillow-

not wedged between mattress and bed frame-

it is not in the bathroom, hallways or ceiling fan

It has just simply vanished.

It is getting to be a very expensive mystery.

I thought of setting up a video camera a la "paranormal Activity" but he is sure that we would see something way to creepy involving demons or worse

so the mystery continues.....

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Louise said...

Here eating the dough is normal and is called 'licking the bowl'. When I was a child (even when my parents were children) and for my own kids, there is a fight over who gets to 'lick the bowl' so I usually have to split it between licking the bowl and licking the spoon! Don't worry about being weird on that one Mara..... now the underpants thing is another story!!!!

marajoyce said...

I thought everyone know about licking the bowl- but lately I have been getting odd looks... hmmm

nerida said...

A good mum allways lets you lick the beaters ....a GREAT mum turns them off first ...hehehhe