Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And then there was one...

This is a very short tale of how our brain plays tricks on us.

I had two lovely larimar stones that I waited for weeks to get.

Beautiful sky blue...

I made the bezel... got everthing ready to solder.....

Then put my bezel to the side- my stone on the block- and applied flame

Well, to all sane people- this sounds WRONG!!!

Yet, I held onto that flame- even though something smelled weird- hmmm. what could that be?

I held it longer until I heard a popping noise- hmmm- what could that be?

Then I realized, I was essentially cremating my stone!!!

It was too late- and a big WHAT WAS I THINKING???

Now, the big question, should i be worried about this?

I prefer to chalk it up to too many things going on at once, and not call it early dimentia!!!

Yikes- and this is what remained of my lovely larimar...


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing once...couldn't believe I hadn't removed the stone. Beautiful necklace.

marajoyce said...

thanks! But I took it one step fuether and just put the flame to a stone with no metal at all!!!