Friday, July 30, 2010

labor or love

This bracelet... has caused me to scream- throw things- curse in a truly disgusting manner- eat a large amount of chocolate- be snippy with my cat and finally smile.

Two days in the making and 39 seperate pieces, but i love it in the end!!!
This next one involved better behavior on my part, but the stone is so to-die-for that I might still made inappropriate loud noises occassionally

Now for a serious dilema:

If you were the last person on earth- and the earth was still full of food that was untainted, would you just eat as much as you want and just get fatter and fatter, cause no one is there to see you anyhow?

Well, I was presented with this question, and thought, NO -cause if I did, no doubt I would run into an obscure group of people who also survived and were restarting man kind- and there I am 300 pounds knocking on their door! Yikes!!

Also, I would prefer to be the last person on earth (plus a chef)

If I has a choice...


Louise said...

That bracelet is breathtaking..... you can definitely see how labour intensive it is.....

marajoyce said...

sometimes i can totally skip the upper body workout at the gym and not feel guilty!
actually, I always skip that part, but you get the point!!