Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Day At The Beach

One relaxing Saturday at the beach with nothing but a book, and a chair and Umbrella. While Tamir surfed the waves, I did absolutly NOTHING!!! It was fabulous!!

Water clear green blue and as warm as a bath- jelly fish all gone- I forget how amazing the beaches are 10 minutes from my house!!! The Mediterranean is such a gorgeous sea!

Amazing view except for the mystery paddle ball queen

Tamir and his third child

And now to serious matters: There are a few things in the world that might make me one day go out and buy a gun and actually use it. This is the main one:

Number 1: people who are in front of you in the supermarket and take their time to pack without paying first, so those in line have to wait until they finish packing and THEN pay, so we can get our turn.

How difficult is it to pay, pack and be on your way?! Also, what's with those people who then after packing, start digging around in their bags for any form of payment, and cant seem to find it for like an additinal 10 minutes!!

Number 2: (still at the supermarket) when people walk up to you with only a few items and ask in an assuming way that they only have a few things and is it ok to go ahead- NO- IT IS NOT OKAY

That is why there are express lanes!!! And that is why we wait for answers before assuming things!!!

Obviously I had a bad day at the super today... sorry for ranting

Mara xo :)


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...nothing frustrates me more than standing in line at a store. What about those people who are going to write a check and wait until everything has been rung up...then they proceed to write out the entire check...why couldn't they already have it made it out except for the of my pet peeves also.

marajoyce said...

My pet peeve list is growing by the minute!!!