Friday, February 19, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Today- this fine day in February- the middle of winter- where the whole world it seems is shivering away- chipping ice off their car windows. This is what was waiting for me in the backyard! This lovely little branch is from my nectarine tree. The branches are bursting with pale pink blossoms aftr a week of weirdly warm weather. Like pink popcorn- makes me want to put away the boots and sweaters- dreaming of tank tops and gelato- well, I always seem to be dreaming of gelato- but that is a different subject altogether...

And this lovely to the right is my orange tree- Cooperating its little heart out this winter after last year only giving us 5 oranges. A veritable bounty this year. I feel like a farmer!

Makes me want to get down in the dirt and dig for something- plant something- or maybe just sit in the sun and continue to think about gelato...

Onto a differnt thought- I believe my cats are plannig a coup. They have been unusually chummy lately- and seem to freeze whenever I enter the room. Santa- the black one- attacks from behind whenever I sit in a particular chair. You can see here by his paws through the back of the chair.
The first time it happened it scared me to death. And it is always fun to put guests there- something about that chair makes the cat go nuts. Which will bring me to todays top 5 list:
5 Indications you cat might have it in for you:
1. Your cat does actually have your tongue
2. cat poop in the litter box spells out "REDRUM"
3. you wake up to find a dead bird head in your bead
4. you find "feline investments porfolio" hidden behind the sofa
5. you find a ball of yarn shaped like a small noose
On that note... dont forget to check back tomorrow for the name of the big winner!!

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