Monday, February 15, 2010

2 Days Close to Heaven

There are a few places in the world that you feel like you are slightly seperate from earths usual boundries. Where the edges of earth and sky are slightly smudged... where you can step out of one and step into the other. I just spent 2 days there- hiked up the most impossible hills until my legs burned on fire- clinged to cliff walls not daring to look down... smelled wild flowers that cant even be described... leaped over streams so clear and clean that a scoop in the hands almost tasted like sugar.
I decided to take my city girl behind for two days with hubby Tamir up north- as it is called here. We went to the Golan heights and Galil mountains for a nature get-a-way. A few days of weirldy warm winter weather popped all the flowers out of their winter cocoons. In the Golan Heights- it is possible to wander for hours and not see a soul. Only listening to the sounds of water and air. We unfortunatly at one point ended up behind a high school trip yearly school trip! 75 kids wandering on nature trails- screaming- stopping for smoke breaks and leaving treail of gummy worms from here to eternity. It took us almost 2 hours to pass them!!

I climbed cliffs- and trust me- I am not a cliff climbing girl! Nor am I a usual river leaper- but this was also done. As my reward night one- we went to a gorgeous little town called Rosh Pina to the most amazing little B&B (called a tzimmer) This town was started in 1880 by Baron Rothschild- the houses are the original stone houses renovated. Place was spectacular beyond- unbelivable taste- amazing breakfast and the most romantic town you can imagine. (Not intentionally planned that it happened to be Valentines Day!).
Day 2 more hiking in the greenest flower-iest place on earth. Here are some pics of it all:

High above the Sea of Galilee
Action picture number one...

Have no clue how this cow got up here...

Amazing Medieval fortress built into cliff

Yes, this is as high as it looks- holding on tight

The view from the top

My rewards for the days work
Lovely Rosh Pina
One of the best breakfasts I have had in ages!
Blossoming almond trees
trapped behind the school trip
Unbelievable green as far as the eye can see
Leaping over tall buildings...
About to hatch...

Purple wqildflower fields forever

One very large cow... eyeing us suspiciously

beautiful green valley

To some it up- really magical 2 days. All that in a few hours rive. One nice thing about living in a small country. You can get almost everywhere in a few hours. Will probably takes my legs three more days to be able to move again!

On to other business: keep an eye out any minute for a BLOG GIVEAWAY!!!!!!


Cathy said...

Hi Mara, lovely to find your blog, what an amazing walk/hike/hop you did. Thanks for sharing the pics. xo

marajoyce said...

I am in Sooooo much pain today- I cant even walk down the stairs!!!

Cathy said...

I bet you are after all that climbing!! xo