Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ive struck Gold!

Well maybe not struck gold- but for the first time I got my hands on some 22 karat gold to make a bracelet for a lovely customer- and yummmmmm- yu can not compare it to anything else. How will I ever look at 14 karat again? The color is so... well... GOLD! Not yellow- but really gold- rich and deep and amazing.

Now I get to make a ring for her with the same- I am so excited it is ridiculous!

A small amount goes a long way...

Having a little dinner party tomorrow night- and have forgotten what I used to cook. It seems all my mental eneragy goes into metal, instead of flour and butter and chicken- but I need to make a temporary switch and make something yummy- time to get out past Bon Apetit's and see what I can whip up- I have a feeling that a plate of silver filings wont do the trick...

Feel like having three courses based soley on peaches- but again- probably wont do the trick.

Although, if I had to pick 10 things i could eat for the next 5 years- and only those 10 thongs they would be: (calories dont count)

1. really good ripe peaches

2. chocolate chip cookie dough (so what! leave me alone)

3. Fettucini with a really good tomato basil sauce

4. popcorn

5. pad thai- (like in thailand- no where else)

6. cinnamon coffee cake with a lot of crumbs

7. a really good steak (need some protein to balance out the crap)

8. really crusty whole wheat bread with raisins

9. apples from the beginning of the season

10. chocolate covered rainins (not sure why- but goes with the popcorn for balance)

Now, I probably wont be presented with this opportunity, but i am ready if it ever comes up!


Anonymous said...

I was just pricing gold today...OMG...It was over $600.00 for a 1 x 2" sheet, bezel wire (12"), and ring stock (12")...I put that thought away for awhile. Your 10 things sound great but at the very top of my list would have to be donuts...luv, luv, luv them.

marajoyce said...

oooooh, donuts are also good...