Monday, August 10, 2009

Cairo Cairo and more Cairo...

Back from Cairo. What an overwhelming place. A city of 20 million people with 5 million more each day coming into work. Possible the most insane place I have ever been. I though after India, nothing could surprise me- wrong! Rules don't exist- each time you cross a street- it seems like it will be the last moment of your life. There are street lights- but they havent worked in 10 years- cars dont use lights- there are no lanes and cross walks dont mean anything- gets your adrenaline going with every cross!
Cairo is almost a combination- in looks, of Paris mixed with Agraba (remember Alladin?)- never stopping, sleeping- the worlds trash on its streets- unbelievable poverty in places, but a preservation of phenomanol beauty in ancient art and culture.

In the center of the city is a cemetary- 20 kilometers square- each grave is a small masoleum- so it looks like a weird little town- BUT- the extremely poor have moved into these masoleums as houses, and now live there too- it is called "city of the dead"- extremely creepy, sad and full of crime and violence.

Unfortunately came back with some crippling stomache thing- after traveling time home of 14 hours- wanted to kill myself halfway through and get it over with- it hit after hour one on the bus! So here are some pics:
Gal and the Captain The famous Egyptian cotton

In the market- millions of lanterns

Unbelievable pita balancing
The three of us on a bridge over the nile

me and T and the Sphinx

The unbelievable sphinx

Tamir riding off into the desert
The quiet beauty of the desert
This is how i was dressed...
This is how i needed to be dressed... I was a little off...
The most crowded candy shop in the world!
check out the lasr sandwich- have no clue on the Viagra sandwich....

A bit extreme, don't you think?

All in all, an amazing experience. Will probably take me three days to recover from this stomache thing, but I imagine I will manage. Nice to seen green again, after such bleak deserts and heat. The heat never ends- there is no place to hide from it... that's life in the desert.

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Anonymous said...

Cairo looks like a fascinating place...great pictures.