Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Things that made me smile today

Sometimes all it takes are a few little insignificant things to make me smile. Things that come out of no where, and for no particularly good reason, they give me a brief moment of entertainment... respite from the norm.
Today was a boring errand day. Wandering through the scorching hot and humid streets of Tel Aviv- buying silver and stones... looking in windows... people watching.
In Tel Aviv, that area is called Allenby Street. This is the melting pot of the down trodden... foriegn workers... drug addicts and working girls... mixed in with the shop owners that have been there forever. It happens to be where the jewelry supply shops are located! it is tel Aviv's equilavent to 42nd street in New York.
So wandering there I happened upon a kiosk- a health food store, as it called itself.
There next to the enormous carrots waiting for juicing and fresh mangos and kiwis- is also the large display stand of cigarettes and rolling papers. Small bottles of cheap vodka rests next to beets and celery. The proprieter stands at the entrance smoking and simultaneously hacking up some frightening substance and spitting it onto the curb. Now, doesnt that whet your appetite?

Needless to say, I passed on a peach smoothie.

By the time I got home.. covered in a city's worth of sweat and grime with fading visions of the slightly sad and dirty and forgotten, I went upstairs to change and found my cat once again sleeping "downhill"- which for some reason is the position of choice for the past 2 weeks.

And these were the two things that made me smile in my completely ordinary day.

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Eve M Metalsmith said...

I adore the kitties "downhill" position! She's like Phoebe from Friends, when she was back from the clinic and was trying to help, er, get herself pregnant!

I have 3 kitties. Thelma (the fat one), lays on her side in the middle of the room and looks just like a beached whale. Louise (Thelmas tiny sister), loves to cram herself in the tiniest places! I'll put a very small box in the middle of the floor, and after suspiciously sniffing and walking around it about 10 times she'll go pour herself into it, and be perfectly content there even if she's bulging out of it like rising bread dough! And Dimebag Darrel (the mangy old black cat), isn't content until hes inched his way up my lap until hes hugging my neck with his arms, laying on my chest, and purring into my face!

Cats are so wonderful, they just make my day!

Good to see you back in the blogging world ;o)