Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I am worse at keeping up with this blog than my to-do list that sits untouched from 2007. And the funny thing is that I can find a million things to do on the computer, but none of which takes me here. So, here I am finally. And here is 2009 finally.

The year begins with a bit of noise and unrest here in the Holy land. We have a "refugee" staying with us for a week now- that would be the son of friends who lives in Ashkelon, Israel- which has unfortunately been under rocket attack by Hezbollah for the past... well a long time- but just recently is has amplified a tad- to say the least. So instead of hearing sirens and missles, he has come to stay with us. And the odd thing is that it is only a one hour drive- yet it is a DIFFERENT world. We see everything on the news, but it seems very far removed.
So, this lovely 13 year old boy- stays with us and keeps my new kitten out of danger and out of trouble. My son has to go to school and doesnt see it as fair.
C'est la vie.
The new kitten, on the other hand, has been making life a bit hellish. i do think that possible he is part panther. We just found out today that she is a he, and now I can't change that in my head. And out older cat- well into her golden years- is about to commit suicide- due to the constant torture from her new small companion.
Will put on pics soon!

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