Friday, July 31, 2009

The Art of Domesticity

Today I put on my domestic goddess shoes. They have been gathering dust for quite a while- as apparantly has the general dust been gathering when these shoes are packed away. Too many other things have been far more interesting than the mundane tasks of this goddess. My jewelry workbench has been seeing far too many hours and today i said there would be no jewelry creating (well, in the end I had to make 2 things- my fingers started to itch).
Anyway, the whole thing began when Tamir came home with a crate of figs from Daddy in law- and they were taking up space on my counter- low and behold, jam was born. And nothing is better when everything is just mixed and the sugar crystals are not quite melted but mixed with fruit and you lick it off the wooden spoon- so hot it almost blisters, but the end result is worth the risk...

The jam and its original components

From there, my kitchen got into full swing- felt the need for chocolate and cupcakes- not that I would ecer eat them, but I do force them on my son- and I watch vicariously through his every bite. Then I thought, why not combine the cupcakes with the jewelry making... two birds with one stone

The cupcake with Chinese Turquoise

And this my friends, is more than enough domesticity for a day...

What's wrong with my cat Santa? Cats should not sleep this way!!!

Lila Tov le cu-lam!!!!!

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