Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm wearing BOOTS today!!! I am so happy that it is almost winter and I can get fuzzy. The boots also went along with a sweater- unfortunately it was about 78 degrees... but there is a difference in late fall 78 than spring 78, and DAMN IT!!! I am going to wear boots!!!
I would love to call this time of the year pumpkin weather- when everything is all orange, gold and crunchy, but I suppose I have to call it Pommegranate weather, because there are still a few left on our trees, and nothing is turning color or getting crunchy- except for the grass, and that is because we are supposed to cut back on the water. But still I can pretend...

Why is it than when you get to a stop light, people in the next car feel the need to stare blatently at me and I cannot return their stare? I get so embarrassed for some reason- tomorrow that is mt personal goal: to return the stare of a total stranger (some might say I am setting my personal goals a wee to low...)
Been working my tush off this week on getting new things made in my airless studio. here are a few pics- can always find them on my Etsy shop or my own site:

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Eve M Metalsmith said...

I have the same issue Mara! I absolutely hate stoplights, because the car next to you ALWAYS feels the need to stare. Are they so bored with themselves and have nothing else to think about than to stare at the girl in the car next to them that's singing along to the music? I can feel them staring, yet I never return it. I think I will try this as you have been, and I'll let you know how I fare ;o)
By the way, I'm a HUGE fan of your work. You have quite an eye for beautiful stones, and many people don't appreciate them as you do. I recently purchased a whole mess of stones that are currently staring out at me from my bench, begging to be put in silver. After the holidays little ones...after the holidays.

Eve M