Saturday, October 25, 2008

The first thunderstorm since last winter was LAST NIGHT!!! It was so loud that it felt like in was actually in my bed, and naturally my cat was freaking out. but... there is a sad side to it. (For her sake) Our bedroom door was locked and she couldnt come in- just meowed mournafully on the other side. And why was it locked? Because my slightly odd husband has issues with eating several times a night when he is sleeping, and wants to be locked in. I have vague notions of him searching for the key and trying to escape at night, but always fails. My question is, if one wants to be locked in, why bothering to look for the key?

All in all, it has helped in the eating department. once apparantly he was holding a cupcake in hand, and a second later aid it just wasnt there. So, i suppose it is actual sleep eating, which seems a HUGE waste of calories, if you ask me! (He is going to a sleep clinic in 2 days- maybe they can help!!!)
We went for a 12 kilometer hike today in hopes of getting me prepared for a trip to Nepal in the winter. Kind of boring where we hiked and I got fed up about 3/4 of the way through, so not sure how 16 days of hiking near Mount Everest would be. Although the difference is scenery and culture, and the cool aspect of hiking 20,000 up! Today we managed to see some radioactive sized turtles. Not sure why they were so big, but nevertheless a break in the tedium of picknicers.

Bought some fabulous druzy stones last week. They look so good I actually want to eat them. Literally. But alas, I have refrained. I read about a condition called Pica that some woman get when they are pregnant where they get cravings for things like laundry detergent. This seems similar, but i havent tried a bite. i mentioned it to the girl at the counter and she just stared at me and said, "why would you eat rocks?" with a straight face/ I hate when people just dont get that you are kidding. I had no response. Here are a few pics of the yummies:

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