Monday, November 29, 2010



This has been a question causing debate for eons. Does pure evil exist in its truest form? Not just bad people or bad things happening, but i mean dogs fighting in the dessert , head spinning exorcist type things.

Well, I can with out a doubt  say YES. It exists and lives under my roof:


Its name is Santa- and today proved himself to be the devil himself.

After finishing a ring that i customized for a dear client, from a pendant to a ring- with the most stunning labradorite I have ever layed my eyes on- i put it on the counter after polishing it.  He looked at me- meowed loudly and swiped it off the counter- hockey style- so that the top splintered into shards. And yet he wasnt done- with a quick right paw, he drop kicked a pink tourmaline that i decided to splurge on for a particlar ring I had in mind- sending bits of pink shards into the macaroni and cheese.

Satisfied with his work he sauntered over to the carpet and went to sleep.

Pure evil exists!


Kathleen said...

That is truley heart breaking. I am not sure it exists in your house only! My house I have had some bad luck with things breaking and crashing to the ground.

know you are not alone!=)

Pamela770 said...

Well, I know this sounds kooky, but stones have a mind of their own, and maybe didn't want to be worn. Sounds like cosmic woowoo, I know.

iameve said...

Oh. My God. We have come evil in the house too, I completely sympathize. One pees on anything you leave by the door, the other plays my wardrobe chest drawers like a giant harp at precisely WAY TOO EARLY in the morning.. I'm so sorry this happened, BAD SANTA!