Monday, December 27, 2010

My Early resolution

I suppose i can say for the one thousandth time, that I will make a conscious effort to keep at this blog.

But in the end, it is sadly neglected and I have no one to blame but MOI.

It it not difficult- nor painful, but it never seems to get done. So here and now i commit to at least once every 5 days- I know you cant see, but i am taking a blood oath (well, that would be nasty) but I am taking an oath.

So… winter- officially here, yet it is 80 degrees and sunny- And this is what I am escaping to go to Sri Lanka! I wish I was leaving cold and blustery but I am leaving warm and sunny. Yet i am still counting the days- officially 7 now!

Today was a fun studio day- I start out  lining up my stones and what i want to do, and some how things morph into something else, and that original like stays untouched!

Yet this is what happened today:



I had so much fun making this lacy box like structures- they came out really nice that I think I might be stuck on them for a while…

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