Thursday, September 30, 2010

All in a days Work

So... it seems I can no longer move photos around n my blog! They all sit on top refusing to budge! My love/hate affair with technology is leaning more towards hate on a permanent basis lately!!
But, all of the above are from todays work- just one of those productive days and I am happy with everything- except for my hair- but that is a different story altogether.
The long pendant with gems is my absolute fav- wore it last night and just love it- it is like a long string of jelly beans- I almost want to take a bite out of it!
Todays ends the endless- it seems- string of holidays here. The whole month of September has been hell! And if one more person says "Hag sameach" (happy holidays) to me- I will probably inflict bodily harm- not that I am the Israeli version of Scrooge, but ENOUGH! back to school PLEASE! back to work PLEASE!!! Just get life back to normal!!!!!!!
And while I am on the complaining subject- the heat can knock it off also. It is October, for gods sake, and it is 36 degrees (100F) today and tomorrow! I have leather boots crying my my closet- sweaters who bought bus tickets out of here!!! A cloud- just to see a cloud would be s lovely!!!
And on that note, my friends, signing off to search for clouds...


Louise said...

Come and visit me here in Ireland Mara. You will definitely need those boots and sweaters. It was about 14 degrees today and drizzling with rain. We are starting to light our fire again this weekend.
What a productive day you've had! The long necklace is my favourite too!


E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

My gosh, did you really make all of these in one day, from start to finish??!!?? If so, my friend, you are inexplicably speedy!!! Like supersilversmithwoman ;o)

Yes, that long gemmy necklace is my favorite, it's divine. I love your use of color, you're really good at it!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous the long piece also. I sure wish you could get "Live Writer" to work - I know you would love it.

marajoyce said...

Oh Louise- I am terribly jealous of a fire and boots!!! I have the AC on now in my bedroom at 2 a.m.- yes, I should go to sleep- at full blast- and I am still not cool enough!

marajoyce said...

to Eve: today i was superwoman suilversmith- leaping over tal flames and hammers!!!!!

to sandy: I am a hopeless computer dissaster- one day I hope to get it going!!