Monday, August 23, 2010

This is my Muse

This is my muse...

It is not the memory of some long forgotten teacher

It is not an inspirational mentor I once had

It is mearly a ring

But, oh, what a ring!

It was dug out of the ground by my husband and given to me

It is about 1,800 years old

And I give it many different stories...

Maybe it was made by a jeweler, way back when, who was trying to find the perfect gift to give his betrothed. She wore it everyday after for the rest of their lives.

Maybe is was used as part of a dowry needed for the hand of some lovely girl at the hand of a less fortunate tradesman.

Maybe it was used as a bribe to keep some sinful secret hush hush

Maybe it was given to a daughter as a loving gift from a father
who had made it with his own two hands

I have an endless pool of ideas on this ring

All I know is when I wear it, I am wearing the same ring
that was in the hands of the jeweler who made it eons ago

and I feel a sense of historical comraderie

It gives me ideas when they arent always there.

It reminds me of why I love doing what I do

It makes me smile when I am frustrated

It helps me accomplish what can sometimes seem impossible

And that it the best you can ask from a muse


Louise said...

I love old things too Mara. I presume its Roman? What a lucky find your husband had!
May it bring you on many flights of fancy and may those dreams inspire a thousand other rings...........

E² - Esther Eve Metalsmith said...

Mara, this ring is your 'Totem'


If you haven't seen the new movie 'Inception', you won't know what I'm talking about, but after seeing this incredible movie, I think that everyone should have a 'Totem'.

Beautiful ring, I can't believe it's that old...what an incredible find, I would treasure it too!

marajoyce said...

to Eve-
I saw Inception and it was amazing- this is definitly my Totem- I actually thought of that once!

marajoyce said...

To Louise- it is Roman- goes with an enormous collection my husband dug up- anywhere from Roman sandle buckles, oil lamps to a full size sarcarphogus- along with about 300 coins- it is such a treasure trove to me!

Louise said...

It is amazing to me also! The Romans never made it as far as Ireland, but I have heard about Roman sites in the middle east where you are literally walking on shards of 1,800 year old Pottery.....amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a great muse.