Thursday, August 12, 2010

a ring for every finger

Well, at least every finger on one hand- couldnt make 10 rings today without pulling out too much hair- so 5 it is...

I can tell I am entering a ring phase- don't know why it happens, but it does.

And now onto serious matters. What if you were to change yourself completely. Step out of your self completely. Like joining the witness protection program.

What would you become? I have been thinking about this today while I was deep in ring production and my music ran out and I was too lazy to switch discs. There are so many possibilities in the world that are just not me:

1. I will start to grow organic veggies, weave my own shoes and learn to play the lute. My nic name will be Sasha and I will smile at people even when they cut in front of me in the bank.

2. I will finally get a sensible haircut for "my age" and get my tatoos lazered off. I will clip coupons and always carry hand sanitizer and cereal bars in my tote. I will always have a "tote" versus a handbag and I will always be in bed by 11:00

3. I will become permanently cranky and start pushing my way in front at the bank. I will wear half length stocking even with skirts and eat oatmeal every day and possible Metamucil. My hair will go way to silvery and i will wear clip on earrings. i might acquire another cat or two. My kids will start calling me Ma'am.

4. I will start wearing cothes about 2 generations younger than I should, but my legs let me get away with it. I will wear too much eyeliner and make purring noises at young boys. Enough said!

But these are just options.....

Mara xo


KKreates said...

All Funny!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed your posting and love the rings.

marajoyce said...

that puts a smile on my face!