Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something different

Yes yes yes... still neglecting the blog! I know! But I am getting better...

Decided to do something different these last few days- everything is starting to look the same with so many jewelry artists lately. There is this unspoken competition it seems. As soon as someone starts selling well on a type of design- it apears everywhere!! Instead of trying to jump on the bandwagon, maybe people ought to try and think of something new to try. How much of the same thing is really needed?

Well, enough ranting on that.

So, in the vein of something new, I made a KICK ASS interchangeable necklace. Luxurious loops of hammered fine silver. One centerpiece is a faceted rough cut ruby in a heavy textured silver frame. Looks gorgeous AND it can click off to exchange with another one of turquoise and fine silver!

I am just so enamored of this piece! it is nearly 100 grams of silver and feels divine on:

I am just in love with this!!!

Also, a key chain! Something for the person with enough jewelry

(If that is possible...)

And last but not least... a yummy bracelet

All in all... happy with results!!!

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