Monday, April 5, 2010

Back to normal...

Life is about to return to normal again!! No one out of this country can grasp just how long the Passover holiday actually lasts here. People start saying "Hag Sameach" or happy holidays about one month before. School vacation starts 8 days before and continues a few days after. 19 days school break!!!

Kids staying up all night and sleeping until the sun is way high in the sky. A family of vampires! I cant take it anymore!!! Two more days and school resumes- a sigh of relief.....

A nice break and needed break from the studio and ready to get back to hammer and fire. Stones calling out my name all night long- keeping me from a good nights sleep. Begging to find new homes... Soon- I keep telling them!

Todays top 5 list will be a top 10:
1. peaches
2. popcorn
3. chocolate covered raisins
4. strawberries
5. pad thai
6. red peppers
7. goat cheese
8. crusty whole wheat bread
9. perfectly cooked good steak
10. lemon meringue pie

Hopefully, I will never face that decision- because my list is already changing...

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