Monday, November 8, 2010

a new toy!



Yes, i got a new toy! It is called a sinusoidial stake- I know, it sounds like some god awful medical instrument from the industrial revolution. What it does is bend metal in two different directions at one time.

Super cool and extremely fun to use. Granted the whole self teaching thing isnt my cup of tea in general, but I had no choice in this matter- because besides the fact that they dont sell this tool here in Israel, they also refuse to believe that it actually exists.

This is what I came up against when asking around for it. I was told I was making it up by several people- because that would certainly be a good uses for time: making up tools and then spending a whole day going from place to place asking if they sell my invention!

So I did a bit of on line research and decided to try it first in copper and brass- as silver has become way too pricey for experiments.

The result is amazing! Like pringles with gentle graceful curves?





I had no idea that brass and copper could look so good!!!




Anonymous said...

Love the results - I want a new toy!

Triz Designs said...

I laughed so much reading your post... if I had a penny for everytime I was told here in Israel that things I was looking for didn't exist... I would be a rich woman right now :-)
Those cuffs are absolutely stunning!!! I LOVE the copper one!!!