Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Funky necklace day


Today was necklace day- funky, fun,weird and really cool There are just some days when I get caught up in a subject, and today happened to be necklaces!

This oddity started out as something so ridiculously differently and morphed along the way into an alient like creature in a little skirt and lace. I gave her a whole night out and decided to call it “karioke night on Mars”


She consists of a teardrop shaped yellow opal and silver

This next one is a fun little poppy jasper with dandling flowers. They each moved independently!


The stone is called Guadaloupe Poppy Jasper

This next one is ocean jasper in an Asian like design


Next in line- rough tourmaline, silver and 18 karat gold!



Same concept here, except for raw aquamarine and all   silver.



This next one is with a gorgeous rough cut emerald



and this last one is just Lolly- refusing to put her tongue in for about half an hour! Cracked me up…


tomorrow I am devoting the day to learning  tech stuff- websites. photosharing groups etc. I feel like the whole world is connected but not me! it all overwhelms me too much!!

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littlecherryhill said...

WOW.....your latest pieces are Gorgeous!!!!