Monday, March 8, 2010

Holy Cow

Every once in a while, i just say "holy cow"- I know it is ridiculous- like "golly gee" which i never have said in my life, but Holy Cow... well that one just slips out.

And the best "holy cow" moment I ever had was when I said it while walking in Goa, India- then it dawnws upon me- yes- these are HOLY COWS! it was a "duh" moment- sometimes you never stop to think where these expressions come from.

And these cows are everywhere in India- literally in restaurants- walking down the aisles of the 7 eleven equivalent- swear to god. Waiters are running all around the cows- literally tripping over their tails- doesnt someone just want to yell "would someone get that freakin cow out of the restaurant!"
But it never happens, due to the "holy cow" issue.
So... today was a holy cow moment in how much work i got done. i was uber efficient today- not in the droppingn and breaking mode at all. It was a kick ass day.

Here are some photos of the fruits of my labors:

No explanations- I think it is all pretty self explanitory...

Running out of coins- need to go to my coin guy in east Jerusalem, but there have been RIOTS all the time! driving my nuts- its like a different universe in East Jerusalem. Hopefully tomorrow will be all quiet and we can get in and out without being run down by an angry mob!

So here is todays top 5 list:


1. caramel covered liver

2. captn crunch with olive oil

3. tuna and nutella sandwich

4. jello with chicken lung chunks

5. mushroom flavored bazooka

Night night...

Mara xo

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