Saturday, January 16, 2010


One of the things I HATE the most is all the pictures I have to take of jewelry, just to get one or two good ones. So when something really good turns out, i am just beyond happy. And yes folks, that happened yesterday!
First of all, the icicle necklace. Cool and jangly- I love it- a gorgeous natural crystal of icy blue aquamarine blended with hammered slivers of silver on a long chain
Lately, long is the way to go for me.
And then my genius (well, I am patting my own back a tad here) was to take pics of it on a hunk of ice. It is so cool and frosty looking that I couldnt stop photographing it!

I absolutly love how ice photographs- but- I did have to pry off the metal from the ice afterwards. Better than a tongue on a light post, i suppose.

Redid an old piece of etched silver into an amoeba. All squiggly and weird shaped-set with a lovely amethyst and emerald. I like the way amethysr sounds- almost like something yummy- should be crunchy and sweet.
Went on a long power walk (extremely dumb name) today- as Tamir and I do every saturday- bright and sunny and warm as summer- 25 degrees celcius. Through the strawberry fields- and in kadima they do go on forever! Ate our way through them until 1/2 hours later we arrived in the orange groves- ate our way through that too. All in all, a nice fruit salad walk.
Ahhh. what a hard winter here in Israel...

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